Borberg – An Historic Hiking Destination

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Borberg – An Historic Hiking Destination

A Popular Destination For Hikers

Lovers of hiking and challenging long walks will like the mountainous Borberg area which is situated in the Rothaargebirge. The history of this place goes back for 2,000 years and the majestic Borberg Mountain rises some 670.2 metres high.

Situated 5.5 kilometres to the south of Brilon, there are many interesting sights to see while you take your walks. A small church and cemetery that are aged from the 13th century were excavated around 1999 and there are terraces, ramparts and ditches that make this area of Germany so unique.

History Of The Borberg

Earthworks have been uncovered that led to many new insights into how the old Germanic tribes fought against the invading Celts and this history dates back to before the birth of Christ. Around the 8th and 9th centuries, during the era of Charlemagne, fortifications were built which kept the castle safe from marauders.

The High Point Of Borberg

The highest point of the Borberg is dominated by the Chapel of Peace (Friedenskapelle) which was built in 1923. Sometimes called the Lady Chapel (Marienkapelle), this is a shrine where pilgrims come to pay homage to the Virgin Mary.

The chapel provides some stunning and panoramic views over the town of Olsberg and the Sauerland mountain range.

Hiking Paths

There are both unmarked and marked trails for hikers on the Borberg. Start at the car park that has been specially built for hikers (Wanderparkplatz) and take your break at the Hilbringse nearby the Hiebammen-Hütte. A small restaurant in the forest serves tasty sausages and cold beer. The car park is sited a 15 minute drive from the town of Brilon.

The wonderful views and natural surroundings on the Borberg have made the mountain a regular haunt for many weekend hikers who want to get away from the modern world and all that it represents. Try a trip to the Borberg and see how refreshed you feel when you return. You will never regret visiting this beautiful mountainous region of Germany.

Places To Stay Near The Borberg

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Kurpark Villa Aslan

The quiet town of Olsberg is where you will find the four star rated Kurpark Villa Aslan. It is situated 3.56 kilometres from the Borberg and has attractive gardens and a spa. Take breakfast on the terrace which overlooks the beautiful grounds and use the hotel as a base from which to make your exploration around the Borberg. Accommodation at the Kurpack Villa Aslan ranges from single rooms to two bedroomed apartments.

Rüters Parkhotel

About 8.22 kilometres from the Borberg is the four star Rüters Parkhotel. Stylish rooms with pastel decor, a heated pool and a lavish restaurant are just some of the features that have made this hotel so popular.

You can start the day with a hearty breakfast to sustain you before you begin your exploration of the Borberg hiking paths. Later, why not try a leisurely swim in the heated pool and then relax after dinner with a cool beer or a glass of the local wine.

Sporthotel Zum Hohen Eimberg

The four star Sporthotel Zum Hohen Eimberg is 8.02 kilometres from Borberg and is family run. The hotel offers large rooms with free Wi-Fi and an indoor swimming pool with spa area. You can opt for a room with a private balcony and enjoy a view over the Diemelsee nature park that is close by.

The restaurant serves German cuisine and the Zick Zack Bar serves original cocktails as well as the outstanding cold beers for which Germany is so famous. There is free parking for all guests and the hotel is close to the town centre of Willingen which has some excellent night life.

How To Reach Borberg

By Air

From the UK you can fly to two airports that take you close enough to Borberg to get public transport or hire a car for the onward journey. Paderborn Lippstadt (PAD) takes both International and domestic flights and is situated 43 kilometres from the centre of Brilon, the nearest town to the Borberg. Dortmund Airport (DTM) is larger and is 90 kilometres from Brilon.

By Train

There are trains from Paderborn airport to Warburg and then you change to the line that goes directly to Brilon. The journey takes 3 hours and 5 minutes. From Brilon it is one hours walk to the hikers car park which is the start of the trails. Alternatively you can take a taxi from Brilon to get to the Borberg.

By Road

From Paderborn airport using a car, you can reach Brilon taking the B516, the L776 or the B480 roads. Depending upon the amount of traffic the trip will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour 5 minutes.

Long distance buses from Berlin, Hamburg and other cities are routed to Brilon and arrive at the Brilon Busbahnhof (bus station).

Attractions Close To Borberg

See The Sights

Brilon is a nice old town with many sights to enjoy. It is a Hanseatic city and was formerly the capital of the Duchy of Westphalia. Established around 973 AD, Brilon has an old town hall, a traditional marketplace and the Priory Church. All of these are interesting buildings that will give you a sense of the Hanseatic period.

Something Different

The Llama trail tour is a fascinating walk that takes you into contact with these gentle creatures and the whole family will find it a fun day out. Tours typically last for two and half hours and you can take time to really interact with the animals as well as seeing some of the beautiful nature in the area. Information can be found at http://www.lama-trek.de/index.htm.

Special Events

During the fourth week of September, the funfair arrives in Brilon. Known as the Michaeliskirmes ( Michaelis funfair), this is a large inner city fair that was established over 500 years ago and it travels around the Hochsauerland. The opening day features a fabulous fireworks display at the Kalvarienberg. This is an event for both adults and children and is not to be missed if you are at the Borberg at that time.

A Hiking Trip To Remember At The Borberg

The beautiful scenery at the Borberg will make a hiking trip there something wonderful to remember. The area is a little off the beaten track and this is one of the advantages for anyone who wants to enjoy some solitude and nature.

Close enough to the towns of Olsberg and Brilon to enjoy modern amenities when you want them, your hiking trip to the Borberg will refresh both your head, your heart and your soul.

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