Bastei – Cliffs, Nature and Hiking

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Bastei, Saxony

Bastei – Cliffs, Nature and Hiking

Natural Rock Formations

A unique rock formation that has stood for over one million years, Bastei is over 305 metres above sea level and is the perfect place to take a holiday that involves some challenging hiking. A visit to Bastei will also allow you to enjoy the wonderful landscapes and panoramic views in an area of Germany that is part of the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

Deep Gorges And A Fortress

Taking a trip through Bastei is free. You can enjoy a long hard walk through the stunning gorges and gaze up at the volcanic cones that were formed by water erosion. Alternatively, take a less challenging route but you will still be able to see some of the most wonderful rock formations in Europe.

Take a look at the Felsenburg Neurathen, an old fortress that helped to defend this territory many years ago and walk over one of the wooden or sandstone bridges that have been constructed to connect the rock formations.

A Wilderness Just For You

Getting away from crowds is easy at Bastei. Despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the national park at Saxony, there are vast areas where you can be totally alone. A vast wilderness with rock arches and clean air is the ideal place to leave behind the modern world and get back in touch with your inner self.

Depicted By Artists

The golden qualities of the Bastei have made it a favourite vista for artists many of whom have created paintings showing the remarkable views over the rocks. From the 19th century this amazing place has been developed but has never lost its quality as a wilderness where nature is always in charge.

Hotels And Apartments Near To Bastei

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Taking a holiday so that you can walk the Bastei means finding somewhere to stay where you can rest up at the end of a long hike. There are several hotels and apartments within 5 or 6 kilometres of Bastei and they offer a variety of accommodation.

Hotel Elbiente

Beautiful views of the Bastei cliffs can be seen from the Hotel Elbiente which is 4.89 kilometres from the start of the hiking trails. Stylish rooms with free Internet and a flat screen TV combine with a spa centre and pool to make this an excellent choice of accommodation

Every day begins with a buffet breakfast and in the evening you can choose from an extensive menu of regional dishes. If you want to bring your car or bike it must be parked at the Rathen Ferry Port where the ferry carries guests over the river to the hotel.

Hotel Elbschlösschen

The four star Hotel Elbschlösschen is on the shore of the River Elbe and is only accessible by ferry from Rathen Ferry Port. A room with a view over the Elbe can be requested and there is a spa with solarium and sauna as well as an indoor pool. Relax after a hard days hiking and have one of the massages that are on offer at the spa.

As a base for exploration of the Saxon Switzerland National Park it is hard to beat this hotel and the staff all speak English.

Einkehr am Kirchplatz

If you are looking for an apartment at the Bastei, the Einkehr am Kirchplatz is set in an historic 16th century building and furnished in a country style. Just 6.58 kilometres separates this lovely accommodation from the area where you can start your hiking holiday.

The restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a meal are only a few minutes walk away from the apartments and the train station is also within easy walking distance (12 minutes). The accommodation at the Einkehr am Kirchplatz sells out quickly every year

How To Reach Bastei

By Air

Dresden in the nearest airport in Germany to Bastei. International flights from the UK are obtainable all year round and the local railway ,S1, will take you to Pirna where you change to the city trains (Städtebahn Sachsentrain) which run every hour to Lohmen. Journey time is approximately an hour.

By Train

The S1 train to Pirna connects with the Städtebahn Sachsentrain (city train) and there is an hourly service to Lohmen where the entrance to the Bastei is located.

By Road

From Dresden the road B172 takes you directly to Lohmen and once there you can park your car on one of the two car parks. Alternatively, there is parking at the top of the Brandstraße with shuttle buses to the Bastei. Cars can also be parked at the Rathen Ferry Port if you are staying in accommodation across the river.

Nearby Attractions

Most people come to the Bastei to see the splendid rock formations and to hike around the spectacular cliffs and trails. However, if you are looking for other attractions there are a few nearby.

Pillnitz Castle & Park

This is a stately home that is 9.4 miles from Bastei and it is full of wonderful furniture and statues. An historic waterfront on the river and splendid gardens make this castle a very interesting and enjoyable place to visit.

Personenaufzug Bad Schandau

The dramatic views that you can see from the Personenaufzug Bad Schandau, an observation platform which is around 5 miles away from Bastei, make this a good choice for a day out when you want to rest up. There is a fast and smooth lift to take you to the top and from there you can look at nature at its best. There is a small cafe at the top for refreshments.

Visiting The Beautiful Nature Park At Bastei

Visitors who have made a trip to Bastei come away extolling its virtues. Even if you are not an avid walker or hiker you will be enchanted by the dramatic landscape and rock formations that form this popular tourist destination.

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