Meersburg Fortress At Lake Constance

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Meersburg Fortress At Lake Constance

Meersburg Fortress At Lake Constance

Meersburg, The Oldest Inhabited Castle In Germany

Sitting some 40 metres above the town of Meersburg is an old fortress castle. Located on the northern shore of Lake Constance, this is the oldest inhabited castle in the country. Meersburg Fortress is one of the great attractions at the lake and was originally built during the 7th century although none of that first structure is still standing.

There is a story that the old fortress was built by the Merovingian King Dagobert I who built Dagobert’s Tower in the year 630 AD. At that point in time the king was also working on the Christianisation of the Alemanni.

The Castles At Lake Constance

Sources state that many of the other castles around Lake Constance were constructed during the 12th and 13th century but this one could be far older. The truth is that no one knows exactly when the original castle was built but there are many theories.

The New Castle At Lake Constance

The castle that now stands was constructed during the 18th century and it is known locally as the New Castle. The famous German poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff lived in the castle during the last eight years of her life. She resided along with her sister and brother in law Joseph von Laßberg. The poet died in 1848.

Tours Of The Castle Museum

There are several guided tours that you can take to see the castle. In addition to going through the Knight’s Hall, the Hall of Weapons, The Fountain room and the dungeon, you can also visit the chapels, towers and the beautiful picturesque gardens and grounds.

Travelling through the medieval living quarters and into the bed chambers there is an atmosphere of history and culture not found in many other new castles. All told there are 35 rooms to be discovered and visitors can also see Dagobert’s Tower.

Take a good look at the treasure chamber and the torture chamber and you can learn all about the period of witch hunting that occurred during the Middle Ages.

With unforgettable views over Lake Constance and the Alps, the castle of Meersburg is a must see if you are visiting this area of Germany.

How To Get To Meersburg Castle

By Air

Friedrichshafen (FDH) is the closest airport to Meersburg and there are flights from London Gatwick to this airport. If you are travelling from a regional airport in the UK then Stuttgart is probably the easiest place to fly in to. Stuttgart is 110 kilometres away.

By Train

There are four changes of train and bus to get from Stuttgart airport to Meersburg. Take the shuttle train from the airport to Stuttgart main station. Change to the hourly train to Ulm Hbf. Then take an intercity train to Friedrichshafen Stadt and then a bus to Meersburg Kirche. The journey will take you about four hours.

By Road

Use the A81 motorway from Stuttgart to Meersburg leaving the motorway at the exit for Daisendorfer Str. Alternatively, use the B27 and then A81. Depending upon the traffic the journey can take up to 2 hours.

There is also a bus from the airport that goes directly to Lake Constance and this runs twice a day. You change at Konstanz Bahnhof for another bus to Meersburg. Total journey time is four and half hours.

Other Things To See And Do At Meersburg

See The Stilt House Museum In Unteruhldingen

The Stilt House Museum is an archaeological open air museum that has reconstructions of stilt houses which were used during the Neolithic Stone Age and the Bronze Age. The area around Lake Constance had many of these types of dwelling and it is very interesting to see how people lived in those bygone years.

Take A Cruise Around The Lake

In the summer there are many cruises available that take in the entire area of Lake Constance. On the way you get to stop off and visit other towns along the shores. Here you can take a coffee and a local snack.

When you return from your cruise why not pop into the Castle’s Cafe at Meersburg which gives you stunning views over the lake. There is also Knight’s Shop where you can buy a souvenir of your memorable trip to Meersburg.

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