Maulbronn – The Abbey Town

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Maulbronn – The Abbey Town

Maulbronn – The Abbey Town

Maulbronn – A Little Town In Baden-Württemberg

In the north western part of Baden-Württemberg stands the small town of Maulbronn. Originally settled in the Roman era, the town rose to popularity in the 12th century due to the existence of its monastery. Just around 6,500 people live there but town is thriving as well as pretty.

Like some other monasteries there is a legend attached to its construction. This tells the story of a mule that discovered a natural spring at the spot where the monastery now stands. These days the spot is marked by a fountain. The monastery was built in 1147.

The Abbey, Sandstone And Maulbronn

Famous for its natural stone and particularly the soft sandstone that is found in the area, Maulbronn contributed these stones for building new houses and this period of expansion continued throughout the 19th century when the town began to export the stone.

The Cistercian monks who ran the monastery used the stone for building the cloisters. The monastery is now looked after by UNESCO and it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1993. This abbey is the most complete and best preserved in the northern Alps area. It has featured in a famous novel and is a wonderful historic place to visit.

The Beautiful Buildings In Maulbronn

Within the walls of the abbey of Maulbronn are some beautiful half timbered houses and the location of the abbey at the centre of the town means it has always been important to the inhabitants. Still largely preserved in its original condition, visitors can see how the monks managed agricultural activities, brought water up to the surface for irrigation and built an artificial lake for a fish farm that is still standing.

Within the complex of the abbey there is now a restaurant and some administration offices as well as a residential school. Vineyards that were planted by the monks over 600 years ago can still be seen.

The narrow alley and lovely building st Maulbronn make it an exceptionally pretty small town that all visitors enjoy. Both the old town and the abbey monastery show history still in action.

How To Get To Maulbronn

By Air

Flying into Stuttgart airport is your best bet when visiting Maulbronn. The airport is 61.9 kilometres away but there is an excellent public transport system so you can get to your destination using the train and bus or you can drive.

By Train

Take a train directly from Stuttgart airport to the main station (Stuttgart Hbf) then change for a train to Mühlacker Busbahnhofom. From here you take the bus line 700 to Alte Post, Maulbronn. The total journey time is 1 hour and 55 minutes.

By Road

It takes around 40 minutes to drive to Maulbronn from Stuttgart airport. Use the A8 motorway and the B294 directly to Maulbronn or use the A8, B10 and K4513. There are clear directions to the city and plenty of parking.

Other Attractions Close To Maulbronn

Exploring Nature And The Climbing Forest

The Naturpark Stromberg-Heuchelberg is located at Baden-Württemberg. It is important as an area of recreation as it is close to many built up urban areas. The slogan at the park is Wein – Wald – Wohlfühlen which means Wine – Forest – Well-Being. Sounds good.

Another option for nature lovers is the Kletterwald (Climbing Forest) at Illingen. This is just 12 miles from Maulbronn and it has eight levels of difficulty. Guides will be able to asses your capabilities and advise you about which levels to try. The highlight of a trip here is the moonshine climbing which takes place very evening between 8.00 pm and 11.00 pm. You get a safety helmet with light to help guide you along the parcours.

Try The Local Speciality Dishes

The Swabian dishes that are on offer at Maulbronn are wonderful. The story goes that when it was Lent and the monks at the abbey were not allowed meat, they created a dish called Maultasche. When the monks received meat as a gift they added some herbs so that it looked like it was purely vegetables and then covered it in a pasta dough hoping that God wouldn’t notice the meat. It is a nice dish to try out.

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