Lorsch – The Carolingian City

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Lorsch - The Carolingian City

Lorsch – The Carolingian City

Lorsch – Culture And Arts In A Beautiful City

Situated some 60 kilometres to the south of Frankfurt, Lorsch was, for many centuries, a political, economic and cultural hub in Europe. The beautiful Lorsch Abbey has been named as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and this has been one of the most important monasteries in Germany since 764 AD.

The abbey was one of the most important centres for Carolingian art and several Carolingian kings are buried there. There are old tombs, stained glass windows and much more to see at the Lorsch Abbey.

A Truly Ancient City

The roots of Lorsch go back for 1250 years. During the Middle Ages, Lorsch Abbey was the seat of an Imperial power and it held sway over many other areas in the region. In the grounds of the abbey is an original Benedictine herb garden.

The town hall at Lorsch was built between 1714 and 1715 and it currently holds the tourist information centre where you can find out more about the city. Two other old buildings that are worth a visit are the timber frame house which is the oldest building in the city and the Weißes Kreuz, the oldest guest house. There is also the King’s Hall which is another old building worthy of investigation.

Events And Culture At Lorsch

As it is considered one of the most cultural cities in Germany, Lorsch has a lot to offer visitors. Each year in July the Hilchenfest takes place. This is a celebration of wine that goes on for three days. There is live music, markets where you can buy art and some traditional local foods to sample.

A visit to Lorsch is an interesting experience. The city is ancient and has some wonderful buildings. A trip to the Lorsch Abbey is a must and will conjure up the past times of this great Carolingian City.

Travelling To Lorsch

By Air

Frankfurt Main is the nearest airport to Lorsch. It is 49.9 kilometres away and flights from the UK land frequently. You can drive to Lorsch in just under 40 minutes or go by train.

By Train

Trains from Frankfurt am Main airport go to Bensheim every hour and the journey is 30 minutes long. From Bensheim you take another train to Lorsch. These run every hour and it takes only 5 minutes to get to the city.

By Road

Driving from Frankfurt am Main to Lorsch is an easy journey which takes about 40 minutes. You can choose the route using the A5 and A67 motorways or go via the A661, A5 and A67. Depending on traffic both routes will take under an hour.

Other Things To Do Near Lorsch

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