Lichtenstein Castle – A Fairy Tale Come True

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Lichtenstein Castle in Germany

Lichtenstein Castle – A Fairy Tale Come True

The Fairy Tale Castle At Lichtenstein

Likened to Cinderella’s castle that is found at Disneyland, Lichtenstein Castle has all the elements associated with fairy tales. It is located in the South West of Germany near to Honau and is built at the top of a high cliff giving it the romanticism that all Neo Gothic castles seem to emanate.

Built in the 19th century, the castle sits 817 metres above sea level and 250 metres high above the Echaz Valley where there is a small creek that is the source of the River Neckar.

The Lichtenstein Castle Construction

The original Old Lichtenstein Castle is just 500 metres from this superb neo Gothic creation which was constructed in the nineteenth century. Inspired by Wilhelm Hauff’s novel ‘Lichtenstein’ which was published in 1826, the castle is open to the public and there are a range of excellent guided tours.

Guided Tours Of The Castle

There are several options for guided tours. The basic tour lasts for 30 minutes and takes in the 1st and 2nd floors of the castle where you will see the armoury with coats of arms and a lovely small chapel with glass paintings.

There is a special tour which covers the 3rd and 4th floors where the private bedrooms of the Count can be seen. Or, you can choose to combine the two tours. Finally, there is a costume tour where visitors can dress up in 19th century clothing and meet the Duchess Florestine of Urach.

Replicas Of Lichenstein Castle

There are several replicas of Lichtenstein Castle. One is on the island of Rügen at Lützow and another is near to Worms. Even in South Africa, close to Cape Town, you can find a copy of the fabulous Lichtenstein Castle.

The castle is open between the months of February and November and daily opening times vary according to the season. This is a magnificent example of a Neo Gothic building that brings the past to life.

Getting To Lichtenstein Castle

By Air

Stuttgart Airport is just 48.4 kilometres from the castle. You can get to the castle by bus or by driving. The journey time is one and half hours by bus or just under 40 minutes by car.

By Bus

There is an hourly bus from the airport to Laiblinsplatz, Pfullingen. This take 56 minutes then change to either a 102 or a 400 bus to Honau, Lichtenstein (Württ). These buses run every 11 minutes. It is a 20 minute walk to the castle or you can take a taxi.

By Road

Depart Stuttgart Airport using the B27 and B312/313. Use the B27 and B464 to Rommelsbacher Str. in Reutlingen. Stay on B464 to Eberhardstraße/B312/B313 which takes you to Lichtenstein. There is parking about 150 metres away from the castle.

Visit The Climbing Park

The Abenteuerpark Schloss Lichtenstein is a climbing park for both children (over 8 years of age) and adults.First you go through the exercise parcour which will show your ability and then you can move onto the real parcours. There are several levels of difficulty and guides will help and advise you of the best ones for you. Height at the climbing park go up to 16 metres but there are strict safety rules so no one gets hurt.

Caving For The Adventurous

The Caves World Sonnenbühl is one of the most visited attractions in the Swabian Alb. There are two main caves, the Bear’s Cave and Carl’s Cave. The length of the exploration is around 250 metres. There is also a final cave to see which is the Fog Cave. All the caves are flowstone. If you are looking for some excitement and love caving then pay a visit to these magnificent caves.

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