Historic Rheinsberg

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Rheinsberg Castle, Germany

Historic Rheinsberg

Rheinsberg – A Beautiful River Town

Close to the shores of the Grienericksee, Rheinsberg is a splendid place to visit. It boasts a Renaissance Palace, lovely areas to walk in the Schlosspark and a chance to go on a boat trip on the river. This is a town that offers excellent restaurants, plenty of culture and some fun too.

Marked by the superb Rheinsberg Palace, where it is said Frederick the Great stayed, Rheinsberg is an ideal place to stay when you want to explore the surrounding area which is perfect for walking and for longer hikes. If the weather turns bad then there is plenty to see and do in the town where the novelist Theodor Fontane was born.

Take A Look At The Palace

Rheinsberg Palace is a building that captures your imagination and it has featured in the works of the writer Kurt Tucholsky. Situated in the most picturesque grounds on the shores of Lake Grienerick, the palace is an exquisite work of art.

Today the palace is used as a museum and since 1991, operas have been staged there. The Rheinsberg Palace, still sometimes known as Rheinsberg Castle, was built during the 13th and 14th century. Initially used as a fortress to protect the border from the Mecklenburg clans, in 1734, it was bought by Friedrich Wilhelm I (The Soldier King) for his son Frederick who was commanding a regiment in Neuruppin.

An Attraction For Scholars, Artists and Musicians

When the palace was fully renovated, Rheinsberg developed from a small farming town into a town that was full of Baroque residences. During the period 1736 to 1710, the Crown Prince socialised with many famous artists, philosophers and musicians. Included in the list of famous people was Voltaire who wrote Anti Machiavel whilst staying there. This was known as the Rheinsberg Period in literature.

Developments After The Fires

After the devastating fires that occurred in the late 18th century, Rheinsberg, along with other towns, was reconstructed under the auspices of Prussian architects and developers. There was a great fire in 1740 which led to the best rebuilding by von Knobelsdorff and this developed into a type of medieval urban structure.

There is a monument opposite the palace which offers a superb view over the lake to the castle and concert hall.

As well as the architecture of the palace and the concert hall, Rheinsberg has some lovely small attractions like the small old church in Dierberg and the fire engine house in Heinrichsdorf. Rheinsberg is a nice town where you can stroll around, relax and take advantage of the photo opportunities that are on offer.

Accommodation Near To Rheinsberg

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HausRheinsberg Hotel am See

The HausRheinsberg Hotel am See is located on the banks of Lake Grienericksee and it offers wonderful four star accommodation. This is the largest hotel in the country to offer accommodation for less abled guests so if you need access with a wheelchair it is the ideal place to stay.

The restaurant offers an individual menu for any special dietary requests. You can also get International and local dishes with a wide range of drinks. Rooms feature a flat screen TV, extra wide doorways and free Wi-Fi throughout. Just 3.65 kilometres from historic Rheinsberg centre, the hotel also has a sauna, an indoor pool and a large terrace with wonderful lake views.

Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch – Hotel

The Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch is actually a holiday village and is set amongst the scenic shores of the local lake. There is a wide range of accommodation including rooms with satellite TV, a balcony and free Wi-Fi. There are plenty of options when to comes to dining. The Brigg Restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes with both International and local choices. There is also a pizzeria and a bakery.

Situated about 5.27 kilometres from Rheinsberg, the complex has a huge spa with both indoor and outdoor pools, a spa bath and a sauna. Known as one of the most family friendly hotels in the country, the Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch also has a wonderful Noah’s Ark play area for kids.

Hotel Heidekrug

Four star accommodation at the Hotel Heidekrug also offers you spa treatments, a lovely beer garden and rooms with a view over the lake or the parklands. Each room has a mini-bar and there is free Wi-Fi and parking.

Every day you will get a breakfast buffet with many choices and in the evening you can dine at the Heidekrug’s Restaurant. Surrounded by beautiful countryside that is perfect for walking and hikes, the hotel is 6.42 kilometres from the centre of Rheinsberg and its location near to the lakes and countryside has made this a popular place for visitors to the town and castle.

How To Get To Historic Rheinsberg

By Air

Berlin Tegel airport is 84.6 kilometres from Rheinsberg. You can fly into this airport or to Berlin Schönefeld Airport. There are excellent links using public transport and the motorways in Germany also make it simple to reach Rheinsberg.

By Train

From Berlin Tegel airport it is a short walk to the train and bus terminal. Take the shuttle bus to the main station at Berlin and there is a service every two hours to Lowenberg. Change to a train for Rheinsberg which runs every 15 minutes. The journey takes 2 hours and 52 minutes.

By Road

Travelling by road to Rheinsberg takes around 1 hour and 13 minutes if the traffic is light. Using the A111 and B96 then the L223 and the B122 will take you to the city.

Things To Do Close To Rheinsberg

Hiking Around The Circular Trail

If you love hiking then the circular trail around Rheinsberg will be a delight. It encompasses beautiful scenery and water as well as local places of interest like the palaces at Liebenberg and Rheinsberg itself. You can take in the area around the Oder-Havel canal as part of the walk.

Water Sport Activities Near Rheinsberg

The many lakes, rivers and canals make the area around Rheinsberg a good place for water sport enthusiasts. Try renting a oat on the canal or take a canoe on the river and see a different perspective to the region. The rivers are quiet and the lakes are calm so if you are a novice this is a safe place to start. Or, just go fishing.

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