Heidelberg Castle

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Heidelberg Castle, Germany

Heidelberg Castle

Romanticism And Heidelberg Castle

Located on the top of Konigstuhl hill, Heidelberg Castle is one of Germany’s most visited attractions. The castle is in ruins but visitors come from all over the world to gaze at its romantic vista and to soak up the atmosphere created by this stunning monument. Overlooking the town of Heidelberg, the history of the castle was founded in 1214 when it was given to Ludwig I by the Emperor Friedrich II.

Fire At The Castle

In 1689 as the French troops left the castle it was set on fire so that it could not be used as a base from which to attack. The towers and walls were reconstructed in 1690 by Johann Wilhelm who was the Elector Palatine.

Once again the French took the castle by storm in 1693 and once again they set about demolishing it using mines to tear down the walls and towers. Patched up again in 1697, Heidelberg Castle remained intact until 1764 when it was again set on fire.

The Modern History Of Heidelberg Castle

In the early 1900s some restorations and developments at the castle were made and there have been many notable visitors and guests including Frederick V, also known as the Winter King and Elizabeth Charlotte, the Princess Palatine.

In 1961, a stone tablet was placed on the walls of the castle aviary and this is dedicated to Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Opposite this is the Ginkgo tree from which Goethe took a leaf and presented it to Marianne von Willemer to celebrate their friendship. This event is reflected in a famous Goethe poem, the Ginkgo Tree.

Heidelberg Castle – Ruins Or Restoration

There has been talk about restoring Heidelberg Castle to its former glory but the romantic atmosphere created by the ruins has led to this monument being one of the best attractions in Germany. Experts believe that it would be too costly to make the restoration but it is not only this view that has prevented it taking place. The ruins of Heidelberg Castle are so romantic that many friends of the castle believe it is better left as a monument to the Romantic Movement.

Where To Stay Near To Heidelberg Castle

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Hotel Europäischer Hof Heidelberg

This is an old hotel that dates back to 1865 and it is located in the centre of Heidelberg just 1.5 kilometres from Heidelberg Castle. The Hotel Europäischer Hof Heidelberg has a modern spa centre, wonderful views from all the rooms and free Wi-Fi for guests.

High quality furnishings in the spacious rooms and a summer roof terrace where you can sit and enjoy a cooling drink are just two of the fabulous features of this hotel. The Kurfürstenstube Restaurant serves delicious gourmet cuisine and in the Europa Bar you can sit and relax with a fine wine, an exotic cocktail or a local beer.

Schlosshotel Molkenkur

Schlosshotel Molkenkur delivers delightful four star accommodation in a superb location and it is only 440 metres from Heidelberg Castle. All the rooms are bright and airy and have a flat screen TV. There is a choice of rooms with a view over the Neckar Valley.

Every morning you will be served a delicious breakfast buffet with a wide choice of foods. The Molkenkur Café which can be reached using the mountain railway offers you homemade cakes that are something very special. Completely renovated in 2013, this is a lovely hotel where you will feel right at home.

Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg City Centre

The Leonard hotels are very well known and offer endless style, comfort and excellent service. The Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg City Centre is 1.09 kilometres from the castle and it has 124 rooms with modern decor and superb amenities.

Appealing to all guests who love both classic and modern styling, the hotel delivers a most comforting and welcome atmosphere. Breakfast is served buffet style and there is a wide choice of both International and local dishes on the menu at the restaurant. A genuinely relaxing hotel that is close to the castle and all the rest of the wonderful places in Heidelberg.

How To Get To Heidelberg

By Air

Fly into Frankfurt am Main airport which is 90 kilometres from Heidelberg. Then take the train or drive the remainder of the journey. By train the journey time is 1 hour and by car it takes 50 minutes.

By Train

There is an hourly train from Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf to Mannheim Hbf and the journey to there is 31 minutes. Change to an inter city train to Heidelberg Hbf. These run every 15 minutes and the journey takes 14 minutes.

By Road

Leave the airport at Frankfurt am Main and get onto the A5 motorway until the exit for the B37 signposted Heidelberg. Continue on the B37 to the centre leaving the motorway by following the signs for Heidelberg and Heidelberg Schwetzingen.

Finding Something Else To Do Near Heidelberg Castle

A Boat Trip On The River Neckar

There are several river crises from Heidelberg on the Neckar river. This is a relaxing trip and will give you a different perspective about the sights and sounds of the city. A cruise from Heidelberg to Heilbrohn at night will also provide you with a unique way of seeing this wonderful city. On some evenings there is a spectacular fireworks display so ask about this when you book.

A Trip To Heidelberg Zoo

The zoo at Heidelberg is a lovely place to visit and children love it there. It has a good record for conservation of animals and has a comprehensive display of lizards, birds and fish as well as large animals like the elephants. Trying to find the shy red panda hidden in the trees is great fun.

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