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In The Heart Of The Black Forest

Another sunny city in Germany is Freudenstadt which is at the heart of the Black Forest. It has a huge market square that measures 4.5 hectares and this was originally designated as a site for a castle but it never got built.

The square is 216 metres by 219 metres and around the edges are pavements that are covered so you can walk all the way around and be amazed at the size. Known as one of the landmarks of Freudenstadt, the square dates from the original building of the city in 1599.

Historical Events At Freudenstadt

The development of the city was affected by some seismic events. During the years 1610 to 1611 there was an outbreak of plague and in 1632 there was a large fire in the city. The Thirty Year’s War also decimated the population during the period 1618 – 1648. Finally, there was a great deal of destruction during the second world war.

In the middle ages Freudenstadt had mining of silver and copper which helped to develop its growth. These days the city is more well known as a spa town and is a place where the popular German Kneipp hydro therapies are carried out.

Sights To See In Freudenstadt

The Lutheran church at Freudenstadt is part Gothic and part Renaissance and has two green tower roofs. There is only one other church in Germany that has two naves which were meant to keep men and women apart during the church services. The Town Hall is at the large square and the city church has a bell tower

Frederick’s Tower (Friedrichsturm) was erected in 1899 and if you climb to the top you will get an amazing view over all the city.

Spas And Wellness In Freudenstadt

Many of the hotels in the city offer special wellness services like massage, fitness and beauty treatments and there are many spas. Pay a visit to one of the treatment centres after a hike in the Black Forest and you will leave it very relaxed. This is a small town in Germany that should not be missed.

Hotels Near Freudenstadt

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Hotel Traube Tonbach

Set in the beautiful Black Forest, the Hotel Traube Tonbach has been owned and run by the same family for eight generations. The rooms are cottage style with comfort at the top of the list of amenities. A balcony and luxury bathroom in every room are complemented by stunning wooden furniture and a modern flat screen TV.

You can enjoy a full breakfast buffet every morning and in the evening there is a choice of Black Forest dishes or French cuisine. The Hotel is just 9.14 kilometres from Freudenstadt. Children will enjoy the playground, indoor playroom and there is even a cooking class for children. The range of activities at the hotel are extensive and include sports, yoga and some excursions in the forest area.

Hotel Palmenwald Schwarzwaldhof

The location of the Hotel Palmenwald Schwarzwaldhof in the Black Forest makes it a popular place for visitors to Freudenstadt. Spacious rooms with elegant furniture and all modern amenities are offered at this lovely hotel.

The indoor pool and Finnish sauna are just two of the facilities that make the hotel a good choice. You can eat German and International cuisine at the Palmenwald and Royal Carpe Diem restaurants. The distance of just 780 metres from the heart of Freudenstadt and a 15 minute walk to the station make this a very convenient location for a stay near to Freudenstadt.

Hotel Schwarzwald Freudenstadt

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and grounds, the Hotel Schwarzwald Freudenstadt is on the edge of the town about 1.3 kilometres from the centre. The modern rooms offer cosy comfort and there is a large spa where you can enjoy a treatment or just relax in the outdoor pool or steam bath.

With extensive space outdoors, a terrace and sun deck, the hotel staff will make you exceedingly welcome. The staff all speak English and are there to provide you with any help and advice you may need to make your stay at Freudenstadt the most enjoyable ever.

Travelling To Freudenstadt

By Air

There are many UK flights to Germany and Stuttgart is the nearest airport to Freudenstadt. It is some 87 kilometres away but has excellent transport links using the trains and bus service.

By Train

The airport terminal at Stuttgart is one kilometre from the station. You can walk or get a taxi to the station. A train runs every 9 minutes from the airport train station to the main station at Stuttgart-Rohr. Change for a train on the Deutsche Bahn number S82499 to Böblingen. Then take the regional express to Freudenstadt Hbf, these trains run every two hours. A shuttle bus is on hand to take you to the centre of the town.

By Road

Leave the airport terminal on road A8 and A81 to Holzsteg in Herrenberg. Take the B27 ramp and follow directions for Holzsteg in Herrenberg. Keep following signs for Stuttgart and then head on the middle lane for Vaihingen-Möhringen. Keep left on the motorway until you see signs for A8 and then A81. Take exit 28 toward Herrenberg/Ammerbuch/Gäufelden then turn left onto B28a. Continue on B28a to Stuttgarter Str./B28 in Freudenstadt town.

Other Things To Do Close To Freudenstadt

See The Black Forest Waterfalls

Triburg s 60 kilometres from Freudenstadt and there you will find Germany’s highest waterfalls right in the centre of the beautiful Black Forest. From a height of 163 metres, the water flows down seven steps on the River Gurach. During the spring or after a storm, the water is high and the sight is even more dramatic. This is a wonderful sight.

Hiking, Exploring And Eating!

The Black Forest is a natural have for hikers and there are literally hundreds of different trails to explore. The rangers have marked all the trails so that you can see which ones are the most suitable for your level of expertise.

When you have finished your hike try a piece of genuine Black Forest cake, probably the best known in the world. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can try the cake or the famous smoked ham that is a part of the legend of the Black Forest region.

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