Drachenburg Castle

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drachenburg castle

Drachenburg Castle

The Dragon Castle At Bonn

The Schloss Drachenburg is a true fairy tale castle with pointed turrets and spires, battlements and a square clock tower. Assembled as a host of different types of architecture, the castle was actually built in the 19th century starting with the foundation stone which was laid in 1882. It took only three years to create and was built by a wealthy stockbroker who started out in life as the son of a publican.

A Cultural Gem Above The Rhine

Drachenburg Castle was declared a cultural heritage site in 1986. It lies a few kilometres outside of Bonn on the hills of the Siebengebirge. The Drachenfels mountain is 321 metres high and although it is not the highest it attracts many visitors every year who come to hike and to see the castle.

There is a pretty walking trail leading up to the castle which has the unique look of a fairy tale story with high turrets and pretty fountains. When you get to the castle you can take in the stunning views and although at first you may be deceived into thinking that it is medieval, you can learn all about how the castle was constructed and why.

The Baron And His Castle

Baron Stephan von Sarter was responsible for creating this unique residence in Königswinter. There is a legend that on this mountain Siegfried slayed a dragon and so it became known as the dragon castle. The architecture displays battlements, turrets and bays and was built exactly as the Baron wanted but he never lived there.

A Haven For Visitors To The Rhineland

Over the years, Drachenburg Castle became an attractive place to visit and in the 1970s a private investor saved it from disrepair so that the public could continue to come and see the eccentric building that belonged to the Baron. The Foundation of North Rhine Westphalia took it over in 1986 and further renovation was started in 1995 and completed by 2010.

You can approach the Drachenburg Castle by the lovely winding path that has restaurants and shops along the way or you can take a trip up the hill on the Bimmelbahn, a small narrow gauge railway. This is a fun way to see the Drachenburg Castle, one man’s unique vision of the ultimate fairy tale castle in Germany.

Where To Stay Near To Drachenburg Castle

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There are some excellent four and five star hotels near to Drachenburg Castle with all the amenities you could wish to make your stay enjoyable.

Maritim Hotel Königswinter

The Maritim Hotel overlooks the River Rhine and gives unrivalled luxury to all guests. A modern spa with an indoor pool and an array of beauty treatments are just two the wonderful features of the hotel. With a piano bar and restaurant that serves both buffet style meals and an a la carte menu, you can enjoy first class food and some local beer or wine.

The Maritim also has an outdoor terrace where it is enjoyable to sit and watch the boats go by on a warm summer evening. Situated just 280 metres from the magnificent Drachenburg Castle, the hotel is a perfect base for seeing the beautiful area around the Rhine.

Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg

A superb location with stunning views over the river and the Siebengebirge Hills, the Steigenberger Grandhotel features dark wood furniture in elegant rooms that also have all modern amenities. You can take breakfast in the Sun Room and superb International dishes are served at the Restaurant Rheinterrassen.

The hotel also has a beer garden which is a fabulous place to relax in the summer when you want a beer or wine. The panoramic views from the garden and the terrace are a delight. Situated only 1.3 kilometres from the Drachenburg Castle, this is a great choice of accommodation.

Kameha Grand Bonn

With views over the Rhine, a rooftop pool and five star rating, the Kameha Grand has it all. A spa and fitness centre over two floors where you can exercise or enjoy some pampering beauty treatments and a sauna are also on offer at this superb hotel.

You can choose to dine at the Yo Sushi club or the Next Level Brasserie and take a tour around the four different bars which serve delicious cocktails, wines and beers. This hotel is a 15 minute drive from the castle and has staff who speak English.

How To Get To The Drachenburg Castle

By Air

Köln Bonn airport is only 34.8 kilometres from the castle and there are lots of flights from the UK. The public transport links are excellent with trains, buses and taxis all available for your onward journey to the castle.

By Train

A regional train from the Köln/Bonn Flughafen (airport) to Rhöndorf runs hourly and it is 6 stops which takes around 30 minutes. From Rhöndorf it takes around 25 minutes to walk to the castle which is 2.4 kilometres away.

By Road

A taxi ride from the airport to the castle takes around 25 minutes but is quite expensive. The trip by car takes 25 minutes.

Leave the Köln/Bonn Flughafen on the A59 to Königswinter then take the exit for Königswinter/Oberpleis/Ittenbach. Continue on Ferdinand-Mülhens-Straße to Drachenburg.

An alternative route is the A3 from the airport until you reach the exit for Königswinter/Siebengebirge then continue on the Königswinterer Str. and take the L331 to Drachenburg.

Other Things To Do Near To Drachenburg Castle

A Treasure Hunt With A Difference

The latest trend in treasure hunts is geocaching. Using a GPS you can hunt for the hidden treasure going all around the castle and its grounds. Children will love the fun and adventure if you choose this activity which runs for one and half hours.

Eating Al Fresco

If you want to enjoy a superb picnic in the grounds of Drachenburg Castle, you can book a picnic basket online or take your own. The summer months are best but even in winter, if you get good weather, you can sit in the grounds and feast on lovely food that has been assembled to your own order.

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