Cologne Cathedral

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Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

The Tallest Cathedral In Germany

The Roman Catholic cathedral in Cologne is one of the most visited UNESCO world heritage sites. It is a twin spired structure that reaches the height of 157 metres and is the tallest twin spired church in the world. Not only that, the cathedral is the third tallest church in Germany and you can climb up to the roof and see the incredible views over the city.

Early Construction

The construction of Cologne cathedral was started in 1248 and then halted in 1473. It remained unfinished until the 19th century and the completion of the original plans was achieved in 1880. This is the largest of Europe’s Gothic churches and as such is a phenomenon that is well known for its beauty and its long history.

A Place Of Pilgrimage

Catholics from all over Germany and the wider world take pilgrimage to Cologne Cathedral to pay homage at the Shrine of The Three Kings where it is said that the bones of the Magi are held as relics.

Damage In The War

Cologne Cathedral was hit by no less than fourteen bombs during the war and it suffered considerable damage. However, it has had some restoration and is constantly under repair. In 2007 a new stained glass window was installed in the South transept. Created by Gerhard Richter, it has filled the plain glass window space that was created when the cathedral was bombed.

Sculptures And Statues

One of the most beautiful of the sculptures in Cologne Cathedral is the Milan Madonna, a wooden sculpture that depicts the Blessed Virgin and her infant son Jesus. This dates from around 1290 and is famed all around the world.

The treasury and the bells of the cathedral are two other magnificent sights to see and there are two huge church organs.

Exploring The Cathedral

The cathedral supplies guided tours or you can go and see this beautiful church on your own. It is open from Nov-Apr 6.00 am-7.30 pm and from May-Oct 6.00 am-9.00 pm. Around the cathedral are many interesting museums and shops where you can buy a memento of your visit.

Where To Stay Near Cologne Cathedral

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Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom

Just across the road from Cologne Cathedral is the five star Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom. The hotel has been run by the same family since 1863 and will give you a welcome befitting a VIP. Free Wifi throughout the hotel and spacious rooms with flat screen TVs are just two of the features of this superb accommodation in Cologne.

There is also a relaxing piano bar and a Michelin starred restaurant where delicious French cuisine is on offer every evening.

Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne MGallery by Sofitel

Sofitel is a well known hotel brand and you get everything you would expect at the Hotel Mondial am Dom. Just a few metres away from the cathedral, the hotel has modern air conditioned rooms with flat screen TVs and a mini bar. Spa facilities with a sauna and fitness room plus a restaurant that has stunning views of the cathedral make this an excellent choice of accommodation for Cologne.

Hilton Cologne

The Hilton hotels are famous all over the world and this one is no exception. Just 200 metres from the Cologne cathedral, the Hilton has a spa and fitness room, stylish rooms and a wonderful choice of dishes from the Konrad restaurant.

The something extra that you get at this Hilton is the Ice Bar where you can choose from a hundred different kinds of vodka. Also an exception is the offer for children under 18 to stay for free if they are in their parents’s room.

Getting To Cologne Cathedral

Cologne/Bonn airport is a 20 minute ride on the train or a 15 minute drive. Public transport is excellent in Cologne.

By Train

The trains from the airport run every 15 minutes and go directly to the main station in Cologne. From there it is just 500 metres to the cathedral.

By Road

Take the A59 from Kennedystafe then turn onto the A3/A4 and B55a to Niederländer Ufer/B51. Take the exit for Niehl from the B55a. Continue on the B51 to Trankgasse. Parking for the cathedral is available on Kurt Hackenberg Platz 2.

Other Activities In Cologne

Sightseeing And Events

There are so many beautiful buildings to see in Cologne and you can also visit the cities of Düsseldorf & Dortmund. Düsseldorf is approximately a 35 minute drive away and Dortmund is just 10 minutes away. A day out at either or both of these cities will give you a look at the very heart of Germany.

The carnival at Cologne happens once a year when the whole of the city parties long into the night. Dress up with a mask or costume and join in the festival that takes place just before the Lenten period. You can enjoy plenty of eating and drinking, lots of loud music and join in the carnival fun at Cologne.

A Bridge In Cologne

Just like in Paris, Cologne has its own bridge of padlocks. The Hohenzollern Bridge is close to the cathedral and is a wondrous sight with thousands of padlocks left by lovers who want to declare their passion and promise of eternal loyalty and commitment. A lovely sight in a beautiful city.

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