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Coburg, Germany


An Historical European City

There are lots of European cities with a long history and many of them have a large castle but few can equal Coburg which is situated in the Upper Franconia region of Bavaria and which has one of the largest castles in Germany. The city also boasts of no less than 20 bridges which span the River Itz and these are considered by many visitors to be both fascinating and to be admired.

Towering Over The City

The castle Veste Coburg, a medieval construction that dates from 1225, towers over the city and is a great tourist attraction. It features three walls, many towers along the walls and is the site of a three museums. Among the wonderful rooms to see are those of the Duke of Coburg, the apartment that housed Martin Luther in 1530 and the hunting room which is covered with marquetry on the ceiling and has wooden floors.

Medieval Armour And Weapons

One of the museums which is a must see is the Rüstkammer (armoury), which contains over 10,500 weapons and pieces of armoury, the largest collection in Germany. The Kunstsammlungen is the third museum and this features a collection of 300,000 copperplate engravings, coins and glassware. Altogether, the museums provide a wonderful insight into the past history of the Veste Coburg.

Below The Hill In Coburg

The Ehrenburg Palace (Schloss Ehrenburg) lies below the castle and it was rebuilt between 1543 and 1549 then renovated again in the 19th century. Moriz church is the oldest one in the city and this is where Martin Luther preached his sermon at the Easter of 1530.

Monuments, Fountains And Music

The beautiful city of Coburg has some interesting and spectacular buildings that date from eras down through the centuries from the 16th to the 18th. The Coburg State Theatre, the Town Hall and Callenberg Palace are just three of the magnificent buildings that hold sway with the many visitors who come every year to Coburg.

Coburg holds two major music festivals each year, the Johann Strauss Musiktager and the Samba Festival Coburg. In fact, the city has been called ‘Europe’s Capital of Samba’ and Johann Strauss spent the last 13 years of his life living in the city.

With a wealth of parks and nature reserves that provide relaxation, Coburg is a wonderful German city that asks you to come and see all that is on offer from the past and the present.

Where To Stay At Coburg

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Romantik Hotel Goldene Traube

Only 260 metres from the centre of Coburg is the Romantik Hotel Goldene Traube. The building dates back to 1585 but has been renovated throughout so you get classical architecture with all modern facilities. At the Victoria Grill you can choose from an extensive menu featuring seafood and steaks. The Restaurant Esszimmer serves gourmet food and in the restaurants and shop you will find a selection of fine wines.

The spa area is free for guests and there is a range of treatments available. All the major landmarks of Coburg are within easy walking distance.

Hotel Goldener Anker

Nestling in a quiet street in Coburg is the Hotel Goldener Anker. Three star rated, the hotel has very comfortable accommodation and is close to all the central locations in Coburg. A complimentary breakfast is served every day and the Mexican restaurant ‘El Bandito’ serves tasty food every evening. Round off your evening with a cocktail or wine in the Blue Lagoon Bar. Free Wi-Fi is included in the price at this great hotel.

Hotel Hahnmühle 1323

One of the most historic buildings in Coburg, the half timbered Hotel Hahnmühle 1323 is actually the second oldest building in the town. The rooms have some splendid features like beams on the ceilings and brick walls and this adds to the beautiful atmosphere of the hotel.

Breakfast is served each day and the hotel is close to several restaurants and cafes in Coburg. Only a 10 minute walk separates you from the centre of the town. There are also modern facilities like free Wi-Fi and flat screen TVs.

How To Reach Coburg

By Air

The nearest airport to Coburg is Nuremberg which is 1 hour away by car and 2 hours by train. The U Bahn train number 82500 goes to the main station then a regional train will take you to Coburg.

By Train

Deutsche Bahn trains run from the airport to the main station at Nuremberg then use a regional express train which departs every 30 minutes to Coburg station which is just 15 minutes from the centre of the town.

By Road

Travelling by car from Nuremberg airport use the A3 then turn onto the A73 until you reach the B289 at Lichtenfels at exit 11. Continue on the B289 to the B4 then take the exit marked Bahnhof. Go on the Calenberger Str. to Brauhof. Coburg is signposted from there.

Things To Do Near To Coburg

Dining Out

Try the famous Coburg sausage which is cooked over a pine fire. This is a local speciality with a unique taste that must be tried. You can also try the Coburger Bratwurst, a sausage served with bread and some different kinds of dressing. The locals claim that Coburg sausage is the best in Germany. Wash these tasty dishes down with a beer and relax after a day of sightseeing in Coburg.

Special Events

Ever since 1992, Coburg has been known as the Samba Capital of Europe. Each year there is a festival in the second weekend of July when Samba bands and dancers descend on Coburg to the delight of locals and visitors. Other than Brazil there is nowhere that the Samba is celebrated so much as in Coburg. A noisy but wonderful event that you can see if you travel to Coburg at this time.

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