Burg Hohenzollern

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Burg Hohenzollern

Burg Hohenzollern

A Most Picturesque Fantasy Castle

The Burg Hohenzollern sits on top of a mountain in Swabia. It has been rebuilt in a neo-Gothic style and is one of the most remarkable castles in the whole of Germany. On the edge of the Swabian Alps, the castle is one of three that were built on the original site and it is the ancestral seat of the Royal House of Hohenzollern.

The History

The first notable mention of this fantastic castle was in 1267 when it was described as being the ‘Crown of All Castles in Swabia’. However, it was completely destroyed in 1423 and was rebuilt in 1454 in a better and more fortified fashion. During the Thirty Years War the castle was used as a fortress and after that time it was left to deteriorate into decay.

The Revival

King Frederick William IV was the man responsible for bringing this amazing castle back to life. Beginning in 1850, the castle was transformed into a wonderful Gothic structure that the architect Friedrich August Stüler based on the architecture of the English Gothic revival.

Modern Times

Since 1952, the castle has been home to artworks and historical artifacts that once belonged to the Hohenzollern family, some of which were formally housed at the Hohenzollern Museum in Schloss Monbijou. The two major pieces to see are the Crown of Wilhelm the ll and the uniform of Frederick the Great.

The Burg Hohenzollern suffered from some earthquake damage in 1970 but nevertheless, it stands resolutely proud on the top of the mountain. Still under private ownership of the Hohenzollern family, this is a true fantasy Gothic castle that has stunning architecture and some very interesting and significant historical works of art.

Accommodation Near To Burg Hohenzollern

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Cosy rooms and a family atmosphere are what you will get at the Gasthof-Hotel-Löwen which is only 1.48 kilometres from the Burg Hohenzollern. There are just 13 rooms at this small but beautiful hotel that offers wonderful service and delicious cuisine. The rooms are decorated in a country style and each has a private modern bathroom.

Regional dishes served from the restaurant are mouth watering and will set you up before you take your trip to the Burg Hohenzollern or into the surrounding mountains and forests. Sporting activities can be found close by including swimming, horse riding and golf.

Hotel Brielhof

Hotel Brielhof has an excellent reputation for tasty cuisine and good accommodation. The modern rooms are ideal for visitors who want to spend some time relaxing after a hard day’s sightseeing at the Burg Hohenzollern or in one of the many other historic castles in the Swabian Alps.

Situated at 1.78 kilometres from the castle, the hotel has 23 rooms and the staff speak English.

Hotel Klaiber

Hotel Klaiber is a three star rated hotel which is right in the heart of Hechingen. Surrounded by historic buildings and available at modest prices, there are 27 rooms which have all been renovated with modern furniture and facilities.

The restaurant provides tasty German dishes and you can order a packed lunch upon request. The friendly atmosphere and English speaking staff make this an excellent choice.

How To Get To Burg Hohenzollern

Flying in from the UK, the nearest airport is Stuttgart which is approximately a 45 minute drive. Both trains and buses from the airport run regularly with the journey time being around 2 hours and 25 minutes.

By Train

From Stuttgart Messe Ost there is a bus every four hours to Tübingen Hbf. From this station you take a train to Bahnhof/ZOB Hechingen then another bus to Kaiser Hechingen-Boll. After that it is a 3.3 kilometre walk or you can take the shuttle bus directly to the castle.

By Road

The A81 motorway runs from Stuttgart to Singen. Take the exit marked Empfingen onto the B463 in the direction of Balingen then turn onto the B27 to Hechingen. The castle is signposted from Hechingen. An alternative route is to use the B27 and exit at Burg Hohenzollern where you will find the road runs through the forest to the castle.

More To Do Near To Burg Hohenzollern

Sightseeing And Shopping

In addition to seeing one of the most stunning fantasy castles in Germany, you can do some more sightseeing in the nearby towns where there are lots of statues and monuments from the 17th up to the 19th century.

At the Burg Hohenzollern you can buy gifts to take back home. Treat your kids to a miniature sword or Royal tea service and they will love these mementos of a trip to the beautiful fantasy castle at Burg Hohenzollern.

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