Bentheim Castle

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Bentheim Castle

Bentheim Castle

A Real Fairy Tale Castle

Germany is famous for its castles and one of the castles that should be on your list of places to visit is Bentheim Castle. It opens between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm all year round and offers a unique view of a hidden Germany that includes history, fairy tales and past legends.

The Story Of Bentheim Castle

Bentheim Castle has its own special legend. It is said that the devil built the castle at the behest of Knight Bento who promised him the first human soul that he met when the castle was finished.

Satan worked all through the night in the hope that he would be able to take the soul of Bento, but fell asleep on the sandstone of the Bentheim mountain and his ear became stuck to the rock. When the devil was awakened by a raven’s croak, he left his ear imprinted on the rock. Thus the rock became known as devil ear. Apparently if you look closely you can still see the imprint on the soft sandstone.


After being destroyed by the Roman Emperor, the castle was reconstructed and is even today owned by the Prince of Bentheim-Steinfurt. The castle houses a museum and is open to the public with just a small part of it remaining as a private residence.

The Grounds And Church

Bentheim Castle has extensive grounds and you can visit the St Catherine’s Church as well as the museum that has many artifacts from the medieval era. There are multilingual guided tours or you can choose to look around the castle yourself. However, the tours with the guides are very entertaining and they tell some wonderful stories that will keep children enthralled by the history of this wonderful castle.

Dogs are allowed in the grounds but not in the castle interior.


For anyone who is looking for a wedding venue, the Bentheim Castle is perfect. Ceremonies are held inside the castle or in the grounds. Weddings are held between May and September and this is a very enchanting place to hold your very special day.

Places To Stay Near Bentheim Castle

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Hotel Grossfeld

The four star Hotel Grossfeld is situated 400 metres from the castle. It has modern rooms with all amenities such as a flat screen TV, mini bar and a balcony.

There is an indoor swimming pool, a spa area and each morning a tasty buffet breakfast is served. The restaurant and Viennese style cafe are always on hand to provide full meals or a tasty coffee and cake.

Only five minutes drive from the A30 motorway, there is free parking at the hotel.

Hotel Nickisch

Just over 4 kilometres from the castle is the Hotel Nickisch where you can rent bikes and have the availability of a sauna and free Wi-Fi. Rooms are brightly decorated in a modern decor and in each room there is a work desk.

The Burgunderstube restaurant serves an array of International and regional dishes and in summer you can dine on the outdoor terrace.

Hotel Diana

The small three star Hotel Diana is about 600 metres from Bentheim Castle. It is simply but beautifully decorated and has a small pool and steam room. There is a buffet for breakfast, a restaurant and a bar. Regional cuisine is served every day in the restaurant. The staff are English speaking and will make you very welcome.

How To Get To Bentheim Castle

If you are flying from the UK, the nearest airport to Bentheim Castle is Munster. However, planes also go to Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hanover and Eindhoven and from all of the airports you can get to Bentheim by train.

By Air

The simplest trip by air is to Munster which lies 61 kilometres from Bentheim Castle. Hourly trains run from Munster and the trip by train takes around 2 and half hours.

By Train

The Inter City train using Deutsche Bahn goes to the main station at Bad Bentheim and from there it is a short walk of around 16 minutes to the castle. Follow the Bahnhofstraße towards the castle gardens and then turn right into the Schlossstraße (castle street).

By Road

Travelling from Munster the route is the B54 and then the L567 and it takes around 55 minutes. From Hanover you take the E30 or A31 to the exit marked Bentheim (exit 29), then follow signs for the centre on the 403. Parking is available at Funkenstein.

Nearby Attractions To Bentheim Castle

If you decide to go to Bentheim Castle, there are some other attractions close to the castle that will provide a different kind of entertainment.

Open Air Theatre

During the summer months, amateur players and actors put on a variety of plays in the sandstone quarry that is in the grounds of the castle. You can enjoy a unique experience and atmosphere in the open air theatre.

Hiking And Cycling

The beautiful countryside around Bentheim Castle has some outstanding trails to explore either by bike or by walking. As the town is so close to the Dutch border and the area of Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westfalia, you can go for many miles and see nature in all its glory.

The Spa

There is a mineral spa at Bentheim where you can try out massages and treatments or simply use the swimming pool to unwind. The spa also has a nice Bistro which serves tasty dishes.

What Makes Bentheim Castle So Different?

The castle at Bentheim is very old and has a long history complete with a scary legend about how it was constructed. It is the epitome of a genuine German fairy tale castle and will enchant everyone who pays a visit.

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