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At The Centre Of The Upper Lusatia

If you like Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, you will love Bautzen, the city of towers. A medium sized city in Eastern Saxony, Bautzen has been the cultural and political centre for the Sorbs, a minority people who live in and around the city, for over 1,400 years.

An Historic Place To Visit

Like many other Eastern cities in Germany, this one has fortifications on the walls some of which can still be seen. Parts of the watchtowers from the Renaissance period are also still visible. Built during the Baroque era, the city hall and tower with clock face also has a sundial which was originally built in 1213. The latest version dates from around 1730 and was designed by Johann Christoph von Naumann.

The City Centre

Built on a hill top and with the River Spree running through it, the city is well worth exploring as there are some amazing monuments to study, read about and photograph. One of the towers, the Reichenturm, can be explored and from the top there is a spectacular view over the Alps.

Ortenburg Castle holds exhibits from the Sorb culture and the St. Peter’s cathedral is an interdenominational church, the only one in Germany. The Old waterworks and Church of St Michael are beautiful buildings that add to the spectacular skyline of towers within the city.

The Hexenhaus, Witch’s House, is the oldest preserved residential building and this was built in 1604 and the Friedensbrücke Peace bridge runs over the River Spree. All in all there is so much history here that it can take some days to see it all.

Recreation In The City

The Wallanlagen is a large park that runs next to the city fortifications and there is a nature park in the southeast area, the Bautzner Naturpark. You can also visit and possibly get lost in the largest maze in Germany at the Kleinwelka district.

Modern History

The darkest period in the history of Bautzen was during the Soviet occupation when Germany was split into two. At Bautzen there were many political rebels who were imprisoned by the Stasi and this happened up until 1982. After 1989 when Germany was reunified the former prison was turned into a museum which is a constant reminder of how thing went wrong in that era.

Full Of Interesting Buildings And History

Bautzen is a unique city with many beautiful towers and buildings and very interesting sights to see. A unique insight into the Sorb culture and into the events that happened during the era of Soviet occupation can be understood more clearly after a visit here.

Where To Stay At Bautzen

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Modern hotels and romantic schlosses offer accommodation at Bautzen.

Best Western Plus Hotel Bautzen

The Best Western Plus Hotel is right in the heart of the city and is close to the market and the cathedral. Comfortable and spacious rooms with free Wi-Fi are combined with spa facilities that offer both a sauna and a gym.

The Lubin restaurant at the hotel serves local and International dishes and from the windows in the restaurant there is a stunning view over the city. You can use one of the hotel’s cycles to explore the streets of the Old Town or the nearby forest trails.

Romantik Hotel Schloss Gaussig

Staying in a castle is so romantic and the Romantik Hotel Schloss Gaussig is the perfect setting for couples. The elegant interiors and modern amenities make this ideal for a special occasion. Dine in style and dress up to enjoy a sumptuous dinner in fabulous surroundings.

Situated 9.23 kilometres from the Old Town of Bautzen, this romantic location allows you to step back in time.

Hotel Garni Schloss Schänke

Set opposite the Schloss Ortenburg Castle in the city is the Hotel Garni Schloss Schänke. Traditional rooms with good amenities and free Wi-Fi make this one a good choice. Rooms are furnished with traditional wooden furniture and all guests are greeted with a welcome drink and fruit in the room.

English speaking staff are always on hand to help with any enquiries and you can park your car close by. Ideal as a base for seeing the wonderful buildings in the town, this hotel also has its own wine shop.

How To Get To Bautzen

Fly into Dresden and there are plenty of easy ways to travel to Bautzen.

By Air

The nearest airport to Bautzen is Dresden and this lies some 62 kilometres away. You can take a bus number 80 directly from the airport into the city train station. A regional train will take you onward to Bautzen. At Bautzen station you can take a cab or bus to Hoyerswerda exiting at Lauengrabenand and from there it is a five minute walk into the town.

By Train

The regional trains from Dresden connecting to the ICE and IC networks make Bautzen accessible from all over Germany. From Bautzen railway station there is a local bus number 103 to Hoyerswerda. Get off at Lauengrabe and reach the town after 5 minute walk.

By Road

The road route to Bautzen from Dresden uses the A4 motorway exiting at junction 89, Bautzen-West, and going in the direction of Hoyerswerda. Signs on the edge of the city will direct you to parking areas.

Attractions Close To Bautzen


Just a few kilometres from Bautzen is the Saurierpark in Kleinwelka. This is fun for the children with dinosaur models that are life size and an adventure playground with ropes and swings. Both children and adults will be fascinated by the history of the dinosaurs, how they developed and more importantly, how they were wiped out.

In Winter

The Christmas market at Bautzen is so old that it is considered to be the original on which all the others were fashioned. Dating from a meat market from 1384, that was allowed by King Wenzel IV, this is a great event that is on in December every year leading up to the Christmas celebrations.

One Of A Kind

The city of Bautzen is certainly one of a kind with high towers that dominate the old town and plenty of history to take in. You can learn about some of the history of the Sorb culture and more modern history during the Soviet occupied era. This is a fascinating city in the east of Germany and one that will open your eyes to a very different part of the country compared to the modern west Germany that we all know.

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