Bad Münstereifel – Medieval Gem

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Bad Münstereifel

Bad Münstereifel – Medieval Gem

A Fortified Town In Germany

Bad Münstereifel is a fascinating small town in Germany where the old fortifications are still complete. Full of half timbered houses and having a small population of only 20,000 people, the town welcomes visitors who enjoy seeing and breathing history.

History And A Spa

The very narrow alleyways and passages that mark out the medieval lineage of the town are lined with half timbered houses and in parts of the town you can see Roman ruins which date from the 3rd century. Lovers of history will enjoy the feeling of antiquity that this little town brings to all who come here.

In 1974, Bad Münstereifel became a spa town and now many visitors each year come for treatments and relaxation.

Small enough to walk all around without getting tired, Bad Münstereifel has 13th century town walls that are remarkably preserved. The original castle was badly damaged in 1689 and is now home to a superb restaurant.

Churches And Museums

The oldest church in Bad Münstereifel is the St. Chrysanthus & Daria Church which was built on the site of an old monastery. It features Romanesque architecture on the westwork entrance. In the crypt are relics from two Christian martyrs.

The Romanisches Haus which is the second oldest building in the town, is now a museum that has exhibits of 18th and 19th century furniture.

Bad Münstereifel has a town hall that was built around 1476. The building is constructed of a distinctive red stone and after being sold off in 1818, it was bought back and is still used for administration in the town today.

This is a very pretty little town in Germany where you can stroll around and enjoy the historic buildings, walls and then relax with a wonderful spa treatment.

Where To Stay At Bad Münstereifel

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There are four star hotels within the town walls at Bad Münstereifel and some of them offer wellness and spa facilities.

Ambienta Wellness Hotel

Right within the town of Bad Münstereifel is the Ambienta Wellness Hotel which has four star accommodation with large rooms and free spa facilities. There is a swimming pool, hot sauna and a free fitness area. Beauty treatments and massages are available by booking.

Just a five minute walk from the train station and only 300 metres from the centre of the town, the hotel has a bistro where delicious food is served and there is also a relaxing beer garden. The staff all speak English.

Ferienwohnung Orchidee

Close to Bad Münstereifel in the small village of Eschweiler is the Ferienwohnung Orchidee, an apartment situated 2.13 kilometres from the town. It features its own garden, free parking and a wonderful terrace where you can relax. Guests can enjoy daily fresh bread delivered to the door and there is a TV, DVD player and Wi-Fi.

Close by there are several restaurants and a supermarket is situated 1.2 kilometres from the apartment. Popular with guests who enjoy hiking and cycling, this family apartment is fully furnished, ready and waiting.

Leonardo Royal Hotel Köln – Am Stadtwald

A four star hotel that offers luxury on a grand scale, the Leonardo Royal Hotel Köln – Am Stadtwald is some 42 kilometres from Bad Münstereifel. Ideal as a place to stay whilst you explore the wider area of the North Rhine-Westphalia, the hotel is on the edge of a forest and only 5 kilometres from the centre of Cologne.

With 150 rooms that have free Wi-Fi and a restaurant with a view over the lake, the hotel is the perfect place to stay when you are visiting the area.

How To Reach Bad Münstereifel

The town of Bad Münstereifel is situated 15 kilometres from the town of Euskirchen and around 50 kilometres from Cologne.

By Air

Flying into Koln/Bonn International airport you will arrive at a distance of some 50 kilometres from Bad Münstereifel. There is a regional train line that takes you directly to Euskirchen and you can then get another train to the town.

By Train

The journey time from Bonn takes around one hour and ten minutes and trains run regularly via Euskirchen.

By Road

Coming by road from Cologne take the E29 motorway and this leads directly to Bad Münstereifel. From Aachen or from Belgium take the E40 road to Kerpen and turn onto the E31 until Weilerswist then take the E29 towards Euskirchen.

You will find the tourist information office at the train station at Bad Münstereifel.

Nearby Attractions To Bad Münstereifel

Something Different

Although you may be visiting Bad Münstereifel to lap up the historical atmosphere or to take some of the spa treatments, nearby there is a gem of a place to visit. The Radio Telescope Effelsberg is huge and is located some 12 kilometres from the town. It is one of the largest radio controlled telescopes in the world.

Hiking Around The Forest

The primeval forest that surrounds Bad Münstereifel is worth walking around if only to experience how different ancient forests looked in the past. There are some marked trails with interesting facts shown at each way station and you will see lots of wildlife.

A Remarkable Museum

One of the most interesting buildings to visit is the Apothekenmuseum which is a museum dedicated to the old fashioned drug store or pharmacy. The original pharmacy was resident in the building from 1806 until 1994 and then it was turned into a museum for visitors.

You can buy old fashioned remedies and take a look at the different treatments and medicines from plants that were offered in the olden days. This is a fascinating experience.

What Makes Bad Münstereifel Different?

Visiting Bad Münstereifel is like seeing a whole museum wrapped up in one town. You can take a trip around the fortified town walls and then see some of the fascinating museums like the Holzspielzeug Museum, a museum dedicated to the making of wooden toys.

If you are interested in how the town developed you can see the Handwebmuseum, a museum that tells the story of the 5,000 years of history of traditional weaving in the town.

One of the most interesting small towns in Germany, Bad Münstereifel is certainly something different.

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