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Attendorn caves


An old Hanseatic City in the Sauerland

The German word for southern is sauerland and this is where the town of Attendorn can be found. With a history that stretches back to the Middle Ages, this enchanting town has many historic buildings built with timber frames.

Visit The Buildings In Attendorn

There are so many old buildings it is hard to choose which one to see first. The town hall was built in the 14th century and the ground floor hosts a museum with exhibits from all over Sauerland. St John The Baptist Church has a wonderful nave in Gothic style and a Baroque cupola that has stood since 1634.

Around the town were strong fortified walls but now only two of the original 13th century towers are still in place. The Bieketurm is one of the towers and it holds displays of king’s chains and armour and is open for viewing on every Saturday between May and October.

A Natural Park

As part of the Ebbe Mountains Natural Park, Attendorn offers many other attractions for visitors. One of the most famous is the Atta Cave which was discovered in 1907 when mining for limestone was taking place. This is one of the largest caves in the heart of Germany and has been open to the public since it was discovered.

Visit At Easter

One of the most spectacular ceremonies in Attendorn is the Easter Fire. During the period before Easter every year four high crosses are made and then burned on Easter Sunday. The four crosses that are constructed represent the four quarters of the Old Town and after a candlelit parade they are ceremonially burned before the Easter festivities commence.

A Remarkable Town In Sauerland

Attendorn is a remarkable town with many interesting places to see. The Old Jewish graveyard and the Waldenburg oratory are just two must see buildings. Close to Attendorn is the Bigge reservoir which is formed by a dam and offers the locals and visitors a natural recreation area.

Where To Stay In Attendorn

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There are hotels that are close to the Atta Cave and the Schnellenberg Castle. Attendorn can accommodate all visitors and if you want to play golf there is one hotel with its own course.

Hanse Hotel Attendorn

The Hanse Hotel is only 100 metres from the famous Atta Cave. It has a spa and every room features a flat screen cable TV and all the rooms are sound proofed. You can enjoy a wide choice of dishes from the Kontor restaurant where International cuisine is served.

Situated just 500 metres from the town centre and 1 kilometre from the Bigge Reservoir, this is a great place to use as a base while you explore the enchanting town of Attendorn.

Hotel und Restaurant Burg Schnellenberg

Just 1.65 kilometres from the town of Attendorn is the historic Castle Schnellenberg which holds the Hotel und Restaurant Burg Schnellenberg. If you want to stay in an original German castle then choose this stunning four star hotel with a spa and rooms that give you a view over the nature park and the pretty town.

You can enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa or play some energetic tennis on the private courts. Both International and local Sauerland dishes are available in the restaurant which is in the Knight’s Hall in the Castle.

Romantikhotel Platte

If you want to combine your visit to Sattendorn with round of golf then the Romantikhotel Platte is the place to stay. Four star accommodation with a fee spa and indoor pool and your own private golf course.

Guests from the hotel can also take advantage of the offer of a horseback ride at the hotel’s stud farm and there are plenty of trails for hiking. Based 4.77 kilometres from the old town of Attendorn this is a real treasure of a hotel with something for everyone.

Travelling To Attendorn

There are two major International airports that are near to Attendorn. Dortmund airport is 84 kilometres from the town and Cologne airport is 93 kilometres away.

By Train

Get to Attendorn by train using the German intercity rail line. The nearby cities of Hagen and Siegan are both well connected to the line and from either of these cities you can take the Abellio rail on to Finnentrop. From this point there is a regional train direct to Attendorn and the centre is just a 10 minute walk from the station.

By Road

To reach Attendorn by road from Cologne take the A4 highway and the journey time is around one hour and five minutes if the traffic is moderate. An alternative route is to take the A4 and turn onto the L539 and this is around one hour and thirty minutes travel time. Parking is freely available around the town.

There is a also a long distance number R98 bus to Attendorn which arrives at the main bus station and from there it is just a 3 minute walk to the centre of the town.

Other Attractions To Visit Near To Attendorn

The Reservoir And Dam

The Bigge Reservoir is a lake that was formed when the dam was built and it is full of wildlife both in the water and the surrounding forest.You can take part in water sports like canoeing, sailing and rowing. There is also fishing and a trip around the reservoir by boat is always a good day out.

A Beautiful Part Of Sauerland

Attendorn has many fine buildings and the surrounding nature park is stunning. If you want to see one of the hidden treasures of Germany then take a trip to see this historic and beautifully preserved part of the North Rhine Westphalia.

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