Anholt Castle – Rare Collections Of Art And History

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Anholt Castle – Rare Collections Of Art And History

Anholt Castle – A Moated Castle In Isselburg

Dating from the 12th century the Anholt Castle is owned privately and it contains some very rare exhibits of art and history. After reconstruction in 1945, the castle now contains a museum and one of the largest collections of historical art in the country.

Paintings And Porcelain

Containing around 700 paintings with many works by the Dutch Masters, the Anholt Castle can offer you a collection of paintings by Rembrandt and Jan van Goyen as well as masterpieces by the German artist Holbein. In addition, you can see some fine Italian and Spanish paintings as well as brilliant collections of Japanese and Chinese porcelain. German porcelain from the 17th and 18th centuries is also on view and the museum features both Renaissance and Baroque furniture and furnishings in the halls and rooms of this amazing castle.

Beautiful Gardens And Parkland

The Anholt Castle has some stunning areas of park land and gardens that are designed in the Baroque style. The park land and gardens covers some 34 acres with plenty of hidden secret spaces and beautiful wooded areas to walk around and enjoy the spectacle of this fairy tale moated castle.

How To Get To Anholt Castle

The quiet location of the castle does not mean that it is too hard to reach. Visits can be made using the train or by road and the nearest airport is Düsseldorf International (DUS) which is situated some 67 kilometres from the castle.

By Train

The Deutsch Bahn train from the city takes you to the nearest station which is Empel-Rees. This is 4 kilometres from the castle. From the station there is a local bus number 61 that will take you to Anholt Castle at Isselburg.

By Road

Lying 68 kilometres from Dusseldorf, you can reach the Anholt Castle by road using the A3 motorway. The A12 from Arnhem is just 5 kilometres. There is no parking in the courtyard of the hotel or castle.

By Plane

The largest and nearest airport is Dusseldorf International (DUS) and from there you can take a train to Isselburg and then take the local bus to the castle.

Hotels Near To The Anholt Castle

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Romantik Parkhotel Wasserburg Anholt

Within the grounds is the Anholt Castle Hotel which is just 2.85 kilometres from the stunning museum of art, porcelain and furniture. This is a four star establishment with rooms that have a view over the moat and it offers dining on an outside terrace. Sometimes used as a wedding venue, the hotel also offers day trips to the closest historic towns of Isselburg, Kleve and Xanten.

Atlanta Hotel Rheinpark Rees

Situated 9.77 kilometres from Anholt is the Atlanta Hotel Rheinpark Rees, a four star hotel with spa facilities and many treatments. There is a German buffet breakfast and all the modern amenities you could want. Both Mediterranean and North Rhine-Westphalia dishes are served in the restaurant and this hotel is just a 30 minute drive away from the Dutch border.

The Hotel Nienhaus

A mere 150 metres from the Anholt Castle is the smaller three star Hotel Nienhaus. This is a family run establishment where you will get personal service and an exclusive atmosphere. With a restaurant that is situated in a cosy wine cellar you can enjoy Mediterranean food and extraordinary service.Rooms are modern and all furnished in white. The friendly staff all speak English

Local Activities Close To Anholt Castle

Enjoy An Adventurous Day Out

The wild life park “Anholter Schweiz” offers a special day out where you can see 40 different kinds of wild animals. There is the opportunity to see wolves, bears, reindeer and lynx at feeding time and children will be astonished to be so close to these rare kinds of animals.

Take A Trip By Bike Or Enjoy A Walk

For those with energy to spare there is the chance to rent a cycle from the castle and to enjoy a tour around the city of Isselburg which lies just 5 kilometres away. There are also plenty of other spaces where bikes are safe to use and of course there are the splendid acres of park land and gardens where you can wander around and then sit and contemplate your next adventure.

Take A Trip To A Real Fairy Tale Castle

The architecture of the Anholt Castle combined with the wonderful works of art that are on view to visitors makes this unique setting a great attraction in the western part of Münsterland region. With acres of land around the castle to enjoy and a wealth of luxurious hotels from which to choose, you can admire the Baroque gardens or art and furniture and imagine you have gone back in time.

This amazing castle offers you and your family an insight into the minds and hearts of the many artists whose work hangs in the galleries. Additionally, the architecture of the castle will remind you of fairy tales and secret romances from a long ago era.

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