Lake Starnberg – Germany’s Fifth Largest Lake

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Lake Starnberg - Germany's Fifth Largest Lake

Lake Starnberg – Germany’s Fifth Largest Lake

A Freshwater Lake In Rural Surroundings

Lake Starnberg is the fifth largest lake in Germany and is situated in the rural district of Starnburg which is in the state of Bavaria. This is a popular spot for recreational activities for those who live at Starnberg and is also becoming favoured by visitors to the region.

The lake shores provide a beautiful view of the mountains which surround the area including the Zugspitze. This is the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains and it is also the highest mountain in Germany.

Activities Around Lake Starnberg

The paths around the lake are ideal for hikers and cyclists. The circumnavigation of the lake covers 49 kilometres but in places the path diverts away from the shoreline. Passenger ferries, which have operated on the lake since 1851, are still working so you can take a boat trip as well.

The excellent water quality of Lake Starnberg makes it perfect for water sports. You can sail, use a sailboard and take out a rowing boat. Or, simply spend some time in contemplation while you fish and take in the stunning views. There are also swimming platforms off the beaches which are the perfect place to relax.

On The Shores Of The Lake

Around the shore of Lake Starnberg you will find nearby golf courses and for winter visitors there are opportunities for local skiing. The lake is a natural one and the area around it has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, a fact that is evidenced by the ancient fishhooks and other artifacts that have been uncovered around the shore.

Lake Starnberg is only a 30 minute ride from Munich so why not take the S-Bahn and go to see this beautiful and natural phenomenon. Then, take a 3 hour boat ride around the lake and really get to see it up close.

How To Reach Lake Starnberg

By Air

The nearest airport is Munich which is 76 kilometres distant. You can use the train service or drive onwards to the lake. There is an excellent highway system so getting to the lake is a simple journey which takes around one hour by car and just over an hour by train.

By Train

Take a shuttle train from Munich airport to the main station in the city. This journey take 40 minutes. Change for a train to Tutzing. The service runs every 20 minutes and it takes about 25 minutes to get there. Tutzing is on the lakeside.

By Road

Depart Munich airport using the A92 and then A9. Use exit 76 from the A9 and turn onto the B2R to the A95. Then stay on the A95 to Lake Starnberg. The total journey time is just over one hour.

Things To Do Close To Lake Starnberg

Sightseeing By Balloon

A trip in a hot air balloon will allow you to see the amazing landscapes around the lake. Floating over the mountains with stunning scenes over the Alps and the lake will take your breath away. A flight is available that takes one hour and 15 minutes.

Visit The Castle Sisi And See An Island

The Castle Sisi at Possenhofen was the home of the Empress Elisabeth. You can take a leisurely stroll around the beautiful gardens and see where the old walls used to stand.

A visit to the island of Roseninsel (Rose Island) is a must if you love beautiful gardens and landscapes. In days gone by. the Empress Elisabeth and Ludwig II often visited the island which has a stunning small castle called Casino.

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