Lake Königssee – The Lake Like A Fjord

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Lake Königssee – The Lake Like A Fjord

The Königssee – Cleanest Lake In Germany

Most of Lake Königssee is in the Berchtesgaden National Park. It has been called the most beautiful lake in Germany with crystal clear water that has an emerald sheen. Conjuring up a fairy tale atmosphere, the Königssee is very reminiscent of a Norwegian Fjord.

This is Germany’s third deepest lake and it was formed when the glaciers melted in the last Ice Age. North to South is measures 7.7 kilometres and at its widest point it is 1.7 kilometres. With stunning scenery like this you must not miss out on a chance to see this beautiful lake.

Boat Trips Over The Königssee

Bavarian Lake Shipping operates 17 large electric boats that take visitors on trips over the Königssee. If you take one of these trips, you will hear a resounding echo through the mountains when the Captain sounds the flugelhorn. If you prefer to do it yourself there are rowing boats to hire.

Walking Around The Lake

When walking around the lake you will come across the beautiful chapel of St. Bartholomä. The exciting ice chapel at the foot of the Watzman East Wall is another favourite place for visitors to enjoy.

Before reaching St. Bartholomä you can see a waterfall that flows from the Gotzenalm into the Königsee. It is 470 metres high and is the highest waterfall in Germany. When you leave behind St. St. Bartholomä , there is a small path to the ice chapel that takes about one hour to reach.

During the winter months, the high snowfield provides a fabulous slope for skiers, hikers and those who love the luge. The field extends from an altitude of 930 metres to the bottom. Lake Königssee is a stunning sight so make it a priority when you are visiting the beautiful region of Bavaria.

How To Reach Lake Königssee

By Air

Fly into the nearest airport at Salzburg in Austria and then you can take public transport using the train and a taxi or drive onwards to your destination. The distance is 26 kilometres from the airport.

By Train

Take the hourly train from Salzburg Hbf to Golling-Abtenau, a journey that takes only 25 minutes. Then change to a taxi for the remainder of the journey. The time taken will be around 1 hour 39 minutes as the lake must be circumnavigated .

By Road

Leave Salzburg on the B150 to Sterneckstraße/. Continue on B150 until the exit for Doktor-Franz-Rehrl-Platz/Karolinen. Continue onto Alpenstraße/B160 and this takes you through the border with Germany. Then follow B305 and take exit for Königsseer Str./B20. You will arrive at the lake where there is parking near to the ferry.

Other Attractions Near Lake Königssee

A Natural Island On The Lake

The lake has an island called Island Christlieger and you can take a boat ride to see it or you can hire a rowing boat and get there under your own steam. On the island is a statue of St. Joahnnes of Nepomuk. From the island you will get a different perspective on the lake and the views are spectacular.

Try A Spa And Wellness Day

In the area around Lake Königssee there are many spa facilities that offer the famous Kniepp therapies. The Watzmann Spa and the Rupertus Spa are just two options and these are located at Bad Reichenhall. There are also some choices for swimming at the smaller lakes or open air pools which are close to the lake.

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