Franconian Lake Region

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Franconian Lake Region

Franconian Lake Region

The Lake District Of Germany

A Centre For Water Sports

When the German government undertook a water management project in North Bavaria, it created the Franconian Lake Region which is now a major tourist attraction. There are seven lakes and the area is a centre for water sports of all kinds. The whole expanse of water covers an area of 20 square kilometres and the lakes are surrounded by beautiful countryside with several nature reserves along the shores.

Enjoy Swimming And Boating

On the shores of the lakes are sandy beaches where you can swim or sunbathe and there is a host of possibilities when it comes to going on the water. You can go by canoe and kayak or choose a rowing boat and explore the beautiful surroundings of the lakes. For those who are new to water sports there are some fun paddle boats to try out.

More energetic water sports such as kite surfing and wind surfing are held on certain parts of the lake with professional instructors who can help you with your first steps in the sports. Sailing boats are also available for hire so if you want to see all of the lakes there are plenty of opportunities for going out on the water.

Large And Smaller Lakes

The largest of the lakes is the Big Brombach which is 12.7 square kilometres in size. There is 17.5 kilometres of shoreline and it has a depth of up to 32 metres. Every day a trimaran passenger ship cruises across the lake.

There is also a Small Brombach Lake that offers wonderful scenery and here you can take part in swimming, boating and fishing.

Hiking And Cycling Around The Lakes

Each of the seven lakes has plenty of hiking trails and cycle paths. In fact, hikers have over 1,500 kilometres of trails to explore and cyclists can enjoy 500 kilometres of marked paths.

The northern part of the Roth Lake is a nature reserve and there are also three recreational areas where visitors can enjoy unspoilt parts of this wonderful Lake District in Germany.

Cultural Sights Around The Lakes

The Franconian Lake Region is not just about water sports and nature. There is a great deal of cultural heritage in the area. Take a look at The Limes, a Roman wall that stretches along the former borders of the districts that were divided up in Roman times. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and runs between Weissenburg and Gunzenhausen.

You can find out a lot more about the Franconian Lake Region from the tourist information office situated close by to the seven lakes.

Find A Hotel Near The Franconian Lakes

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Parkhotel Altmühltal

The Parkhotel Altmühltal is one of the closest hotels to the Franconian Lakes and it also has one of the most beautiful settings. There is a restaurant and bar, a swimming pool and sauna.

The beautiful decor of the restaurant does not detract from the fabulous dishes that are served each evening. Staff at the Parkhotel Altmühltal all speak English. If you want to be close to the lakes then this hotel is ideal as it is only 400 metres away.

Ferienhaus Sunset

At a distance of around 7 kilometres from the Lakes of Brombachsee and Altmühlsee, the Ferienhaus Sunset is four star accommodation with plenty of amenities. The apartments have classic decor and a fully equipped kitchen. All guests are invited to make use of the barbecue.

Each apartment has its own balcony or terrace where you can relax after a day out around the lakes. There is a restaurant close by where you can eat local dishes if you do not wish to cook.

Strandhotel Seehof

Situated on the Kleiner Brombachsee lake, the Strandhotel Seehof has four stars and the facilities include a pool, sauna and solarium. Surrounded by stunning scenery with lakes and forests, the hotel serves meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner and has its own bakery which sells cakes, pastries and bread.

Staff at the Strandhotel Seehof all speak English and will give you a big welcome when you arrive. This hotel is perfect as a base to explore the Franconian Lakes.

How To Get To The Franconian Lakes

By Air

The nearest airport to the Franconian Lake Region is Nuremberg. However, transport from Munich to the Franconian Lake region is easier.

By Train

From Munich there is an intercity train that runs twice a week to Gunzenhausen. From there take the Deutsche Bahn hourly train to Am Steinfeld, Gunzenhausen.

By Road

Munich is approximately 2 and quarter hours away by road. Use the A9 and depart at exit 57 or the A8 and take the B2 exit to your destination at the Franconian Lakes.

Attractions Close To The Franconian Lake Region


You can probably never have too much of the water but if you do want a break from the Franconian lakes there are other sights to see like the city of Gunzenhausen which is well worth a visit. The town hall and Baroque palace show some wonderful architectural delights and the historic market place and gate towers give you a look at the historic past of the area.

Eating And Drinking

The area of the Franconian lakes offers some delightful cuisine which must be tried. The local speciality is Schäuferle, a spiced shoulder of pork an, of course, there is always the famous Franconian bratwurst. Try both of these with the wonderful German beer and you may need a day off from walking around the lakes.

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