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Bostalsee – The Largest Lake In Saarland

Created in 1979, the Bostalsee is actually a reservoir that was formed when a dam was built on the River Bos. As an area to visit for recreation it is unmatched in this region of Germany. The surface area of the lake stretches to 120 hectares and at it deepest it measures 20 metres.

A Nature Reserve For Animals And Plants

Some 12 hectares of the Bostalsee are designated as a protected nature zone and visitors are not allowed in this part of the lake. This is the low water area where rare animals and plants are given refuge. However, there is plenty of space in other parts for water sports such as sailing and windsurfing.

Inland Beaches

The huge area of the Bostalsee has two large inland beaches where you can swim or sunbathe to your heart’s content. There are paddle boats which can be used to take the children a ride around the lake and if you are feeling more energetic, there are hundreds of trails for hiking and bike rides.

Centre Parks At Bostalsee

One of the most popular resorts at Bostalsee is the Centre Parks camping ground where visitors can come and stay in one of the tents or caravans that are for rent. This site is just five minutes walk away from the lake and there are sailing and wind surfing schools nearby.

Diving In Bostalsee

A special area of the lake has been put aside for diving which can be organised by the local school. If you want to learn to dive or are already experienced, instructors will take you to a specially sunken boat in the lake.

Restaurants And Drinks At Bostalsee

Dotted around the beautiful lake at Bostalsee are restaurants, snack bars and a kiosk where you can buy drinks and snacks. The Brasserie am See has amazing lake views or you can try a local beer in the largest beer garden in the area. It holds 3,000 people and you will always get a friendly welcome.

Both picnics and barbecues are allowed in certain areas by the lake and there is a music pavilion as well. On the circular walk around the Bostalsee there are some stunning sculptures and boat trips are also available including one on a solar powered catamaran.

A trip to Bostalsee is just like a trip to the coast. Surrounded by lush forests and an abundance of wildlife, the Bostalsee is one of the hidden gems of Germany.

Where To Stay At Bostalsee

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Hotels are found both close to and further afield from Bostalsee and you can find all kinds of other accommodation too.

Victor’s Seehotel Weingärtner

The Victor’s Seehotel Weingärtner is three star rated and is situated just 300 metres from the shores of the lake. The homely rooms all feature satellite TV and the hotel has a hot tub and swimming pool. Rooms with a balcony are available when booking.

The restaurant at Victor’s serves International cuisine and local dishes every evening and the menu is very varied. On sunny days meals can be taken on the terrace. Victor’s also offers you free calls to landlines worldwide.

Landhotel Rauber

Situated between the lake and the town of St. Wendel is the Landhotel Rauber. This is a family run concern that is 6 kilometres from the lake and it has a sweet ale house where you can try the local brew. A restaurant and conference facilities make this a good choice for groups and the staff all speak English.

Leonardo Hotel Volklingen

The four star luxury at the Leonardo Hotel Volklingen is some 37 kilometres away from the Bostalsee but is still a good choice as it gives you easy access to some of the cultural sites in the area. The hotel has an a-la-carte restaurant and a bar where you can sit and relax after your day out.

Close to the capital Saarbrücken and still near enough for you to enjoy trips to Bostalsee the hotel has everything you could want from accommodation that provides the ultimate in relaxation and comfort.

How To Reach Bostalsee

By Air

There are several airports near to Bostalsee but the most convenient is Frankfurt-Hahn. The train journey from there take around 2 hour 41 minutes and by car it is a journey of around 2 hours 8 minutes.

By Train

Trains from Frankfurt run every hour to Türkismühle. Then take the bus number R11 to Selbach or Nohfelden. Alternatively, take the bus number 630 to Nonnweiler and get off at Bosen Campingplatz. The lake is just a 3 minute walk away.

By Road

The trip by road from Frankfurt to Bostalsee takes just over 2 hours and the route is along the A63 to junction 6, then the A62 to exit 3 marked Nohfelden-Türkismühle. Follow the signposts for Bostalsee and there are also signs showing you where to park.

Attractions Close To Bostalsee

Fishing And Hiking

Many people come to the Bostalsee to enjoy hiking in the natural surroundings or to fish in the lake. Anglers can buy a licence from the lake information centre and there is an abundance of species to catch including trout, hake and eels.

The trail around the lake is 6.8 kilometres long and from this there are other trails to follow that will take you through the whole area. You can see wildlife and flora and the Panorama-trail Sankt Wendeler Land is highly recommended. Guides will advise you about where to go and the distance of each of the trails.


The pre-historic themed amusement park will entertain both adults and children who are visiting the Bostalsee. With a woolly mammoth, extinct sharks and dinosaurs to look at and learn about, the park is just a 30 minute drive away from the lake and is a good day out for the family.

The Bostalsee Experience

Taking a trip to the Bostalsee is a wonderful experience whether you want to take part in natural pursuits like hiking or fishing or merely want to laze around in some spectacular scenery. The Bostalsee may be man made but it looks and feels completely natural. This beautiful inland lake provides a haven for both people and wildlife in the Nohfelden in Saarland, Germany.

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