Borkum, The Pearl of the North Sea

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Borkum – Pearl of the North Sea

Borkum, The Pearl of the North Sea

Borkum – Pearl of the North Sea

Did you know that Germany has islands? Borkum is known as the Pearl of the North Sea and is the largest of the East Frisian Islands off the coast of Lower Saxony. When you disembark at the historic port you can take an island train that is the oldest one running on the islands.

Car Free

Part of the year the island is car free and this allows you to enjoy a break from the rat race of life. There are lots to see and do with beaches, shopping and sports for people of every age. Both summer and winter tourism is at its best in Borkum so if you don’t want to spend all your time on the beach you can find sport and fun or tranquillity and beauty on this wonderful island.

Get Around Borkum By Bike

With parts of the island prohibiting cars, Borkum is a good place to cycle. It is safe for children and there is an added advantage as this island is one of the least polluted in Europe. Low in both pollutants and pollens which can cause allergies, many visitors make a return trip just to experience the clean air and beautiful scenery.

Experience Excellent Dining

As you would expect on an island in the North Sea, the restaurant menus all offer a significant number of fish dishes. Additionally, there is a speciality on offer near to the station! ‘Omas Teestübchen’ serves over 200 different types of tea so if this is your tipple you can try out new flavours of your favourite refreshing drink.

Scenery And Sunsets

Covering 31 square kilometres and delivering stunning sunsets and unspoilt scenery, Borkum is truly a pearl. With miles of clean sandy beaches and an opportunity to enjoy walks, cycling and spa treatments, a trip here will offer you relaxation, fresh air and a chance to recharge away from the usual stresses and strains of daily life.

Where To Stay On Borkum

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Borkum is a small island and there are plenty of four star hotels that offer accommodation at the classic seaside or in the town centre.

Inselhotel VierJahreszeiten

Although the Inselhotel VierJahreszeiten is located in the town centre it is still only 200 metres from the sea. Both German speciality dishes and fresh fish dishes are served in the restaurant and all the rooms have a flat screen TV. There is a free spa and free Wi-Fi in all areas of the hotel.

Convenient free parking is another feature of the Inselhotel VierJahreszeiten and with restaurants and bars just a couple of minutes walk away from the front door, this is an ideal base from which to explore the rest of the island.

Strandhotel VierJahresZeiten

If you want to stay at the beach, the Strandhotel VierJahresZeiten is perfect. Four star accommodation with nautical styled rooms and a spa area will give you everything you could want for relaxation and comfort. This hotel even has its own library.

The breakfast buffet runs until 12 midday and in the evening the Poseidon restaurant serves some dishes of the most delicious locally caught fish. Pets are allowed upon request.

Hotel Villa Weststrand

Located 50 metres from the sandy beach is the Hotel Villa Weststrand. This hotel has a roof terrace where you can see stunning views over the North Sea and all the rooms have soft green and white decor. Breakfast is buffet style and when it’s warm you can sit outside and gaze over the sea while you eat.

Close to the wellness spar and swimming pool, Hotel Villa Weststrand has staff that speak English. You can request a room with a balcony or terrace.

How To Get To Borkum

Borkum can be reached by air, by road and by train but all journeys end up using the ferry for the last leg of the trip. The main port where ferries and catamarans embark is Emden. This is also the nearest airport.

By Train

From Bremmen airport to Emden by train takes about 2 hours 15 minutes. The town of Emden is also easily reached from all major cities in Germany using the Deutsch Bahn rail. The train station is at the ferry port at Emden and to get to Borken you go via the ferry or catamaran. Times will depend upon the weather and the tides.

By Road

Driving from Bremmen airport, it is a one and half hours journey to Emden but it is important to remember that sometimes during the year the island is car free. If you do want to take your car you must book it in advance on the ferry. Emden is reached via the A31 highway from Dusseldorf or the A28 from Bremmen.

Attractions On Borkum

Many visitors who take a trip to Borkum make an appointment at the spa and wellness centre where there are a number of treatments to help you relax and feel invigorated. The children’s swimming pool has a large water slide and if you try the sauna you can see over the North Sea as you steam.

Try An Adventure

The challenging Nordsee Kletterpark Borkum (North Sea Climbing Park) is an adventure in itself. Close to the beach and near to the centre of the town, the park is open from the end of March but availability of climbing events will depend upon the weather.

Fly Your Kite

If you pay a visit to Borkum in August you can take part in the annual kite festival. This is a very popular event so you may need to make early reservations for accommodation if you want to enjoy the spectacle of hundreds of stunt kites and the people who make them loop the loop. The highlight of the event is a fabulous firework display.

A Rare Pearl

From the beautiful scenery and sandy beaches to the local home made fish dishes and the sumptuous ice creams that can be enjoyed on the promenade, Borkum really is a rare pearl. Just 30 kilometres from the mainland, this is an island that will really open your eyes to a different kind of Germany.

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