Weimar – A Town Of Culture

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Weimar, Germany

Weimar – A Town Of Culture

Weimar – The Home Of The Bauhaus Movement

The city of Weimar was home to many of the artists who belonged to the Bauhaus movement. This was a modernist school of teaching that was developed in the early 20th century and was designed to foster an understanding between art, society and technology.

The city is located in Thuringia, a federal state of Germany, and is rich in historical artistic traditions. Both of the writers Schiller and Goethe resided in Weimar as did some of the most famous German poets such as Christoph Martin Wieland and Johann Gottfried Herder. These were just two of the poets who were responsible for creating the Weimar Classicism that is so famed in Germany.

Places To See In Weimar

The house where Goethe lived is now a museum and it is a very interesting place to visit as is Schiller’s home where he lived during the last seven years of his life. Weimar is the fourth largest city in the state and also has two universities, the Franz Liszt Music Academy and the Bauhaus University. This latter university was established in 1919 and is where the Bauhaus movement was originally formed.

There are a large number of palaces and castles in and around Weimar and the largest one is the Stadtschloss (City Castle) which suffered when fire broke out in 1774 but which has since been rebuilt. There are still elements of the original building that can be seen at the south western edge of the castle. The castle is a UNESCO world heritage site and contains a museum with painting from the eras of 1500 to 1900.

Some More Of The City Of Weimar

Belvedere Castle is another historic UNESCO World Heritage building that is just outside Weimar and is was the summer home of the Dukes of Saxony-Weimar. The city centre has the old city hall which features a wonderful balcony and bell tower and the city house. This is a Renaissance structure from the 15th century. Then, there is the large market place which also has many lovely buildings to view.

Monuments In Weimar

One of the best museums to see is the Liszt House which is a testament to the famous composer and pianist. You can also see the Goethe and Schiller statue which was created by Ernst Rietschel and is dedicated to two of the most important citizens who lived in Weimar.

These are just a few of the marvellous buildings and museums in the city but there are many many more. A one day trip to Weimar will not be enough to see everything that this famous city has to offer.

Where To Stay At Weimar

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Leonardo Weimar Hotel

If you want a hotel with excellent spacious rooms and a wide range of facilities then choose the Leonardo Weimar Hotel. It is situated in the heart of the city and is just a couple of minutes walk from the historic town centre. The rooms feature classical designs and are fully equipped with all amenities.

The hotel has a health club with spa and fitness room. Trained staff will provide a massage or you can just relax by the pool. Every day you will be served a rich breakfast buffet and in the evening you can choose from International dishes or the local Thuringian cuisine. Other entertaining facilities include a bowling alley and a billiard table.

Hotel Elephant

Right in the town square at Weimar is the Hotel Elephant which has a four star rating. The hotel is only a short walk from the famous palace and for many years it was a central meeting place for artists from all over the world. Rooms are uniquely designed and all have free Wi-Fi. If you love the Bauhaus art movement then you can be immersed in the culture in the rooms at the Hotel Elephant.

Both traditional Thuringian foods and International dishes are on offer from the restaurants at the hotel which also serves Italian specialities. Relax in the bar and library after a wonderful day exploring the historic Hanseatic city of Weimar.

Familienhotel Weimar

The Familienhotel Weimar is something completely different. It is a wonderful ecological hotel that is in a wooden building and it located only one minutes walk from the famous Goethe House Museum in Weimar.

Spacious bright rooms with light interiors and pale wooden floors are complemented by modern facilities like a flat screen TV. The rooms each have a private balcony and bathroom. Sumptuous and creative International dishes are served in Gretchen’s Café and Restaurant. Close to the main train station this hotel is an excellent choice for your stay in Weimar.

Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar

A superior four star rated hotel, the Dorint Am Goethepark is situated opposite Goethe Park and has individually styled rooms with Bauhaus/Art Nouveau decor. Free Internet access is available in all the rooms and in the lobby bar there is a hotel computer terminal that guests are welcome to use.

The Consilium Pub in the hotel serves delicious regional food and drinks. You can get fine wines and beers to drink alongside your evening meal which is available from the International menu as well as local dishes. The staff at the Dorint Am Goethepark are welcoming and friendly.

Travelling To Weimar

By Air

The airport Erfurt/Weimar is 43.1 kilometres from the town. There are good local and national transport links by tram, train and road.

By Train

Walk from the terminal to the Flughafen/Airport, Erfurt tram stop. There is a tram every 10 minutes to Erfurt Hbf main train station. It takes 23 minutes. Then take a Deutsches Bahn Inter city train to Weimar. Trains run every 20 minutes and it is just two stops with a journey time of around 13 minutes.

By Road

Leave the airport and get on the A71 then turn onto the A4 motorway to Feininger-Radweg/B85 in the town. Take exit 49-Weimar from the A4. The journey takes approximately 35 minutes. There are alternative routes using either the B7 or the A71 and B7. There is plenty of parking in and around the market area of the town.

Attractions Close By To Weimar

Walking The Goethewanderweg (Goethe Hiking Trail)

This is one of the most famous hiking trails that goes from Weimar to Großkochberg. It is a distance of 28 kilometres and follows the route that Goethe walked when he lived in the town between 1775 and 1783. The trail is marked and it is easy to follow the white ‘G’ signs. If you are a regular hiker it should take around 6 to 8 hours to complete the trail. Even in summer you will find the forests are cool which makes it a more comfortable experience.

Shopping In The Town Of Weimar

When you want a break from walking and exploring the cultural town of Weimar you can take advantage of the extensive shopping that is available. The Weimar Atrium has over 50 shops and lots of restaurants and bistros where you can take a break. There is also 3D cinema and children are well catered for with an indoor play area.

For even more shopping try the Goethekaufhaus which has another 20 shops where you can buy designer high end fashions and shoes or get some beauty products. This is close to the stunning Goethe-Schiller-Monument.

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