Königs Wusterhausen – The Multifaceted Town

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Königs Wusterhausen

Königs Wusterhausen – The Multifaceted Town

Königs Wusterhausen – An Historical Town

Just to the south east of Berlin lies the town Königs Wusterhausen. This is a splendid town with much to offer visitors and it is close to the Dahme River. Set in a landscape of meadows which are interspersed with lakes, rivers and forests, anyone who loves nature will love this place.

Cultural spectacles, hiking, cycling and many other leisure facilities are available at Königs Wusterhausen which also features lots of opportunity for water sports. This is the largest town in the Dahme-Spreewald district and is an ideal destination for day trippers from Berlin or oversees visitors who want to linger here for longer.

The River Dahme And A Diverse Landscape

The Dahme River is 95 kilometres long and it is a tributary of the larger River Spree which runs to the south east of Berlin. There is a great diversity in the landscape of the region with lots of lakes, deep forests and quiet backwaters. You can see castles, manor houses and an abundance of churches in this lovely place.

The Schloss Königs Wusterhausen And A Prussian King

A trip to the Koenigs Wusterhausen Palace is a must if you are visiting the town. This has been designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with several other palaces and parks around Potsdam and Berlin.

King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia who was known as the solder king sometimes resided at the palace and loved to visit the town. It was here that he prepared for his reign over Prussia. Building a considerably sized army called the ‘Long Guys’, and after developing new ideas and bringing organisation to the State adminstration, the king spent many happy hours at the hunting lodge with his wife and 14 children.

The Tobacco Cabinet And The King

The Tobacco Cabinet was actually a social gathering that originally included women but the king changed it into a political discussion group with only male members who drank to excess and smoked all the time. The castle was then redesigned as a hunting lodge.

The Palace Is Now The Schlossmuseum

Today the palace is a museum that gives you an authentic view of how lives were conducted in the first part of the 18th century. There are forty paintings that once belonged to the king himself. You can also the Kavalierhäuser (cavalier houses) where the guests of the king were accommodated and these rooms now house art collections.

Other interesting places to visit at Königs Wusterhausen are the Watertower which was used until 1965 but which now has a cafe and beer garden with exhibits and the Kreuzkirche (Cross Church) which was first built in 1693. It has some lovely panels, choir windows and ornamental round glass panes.

After a look around these historic buildings you can enjoy the quiet backwaters around the river and lakes and enjoy some more relaxing hours at Königs Wusterhausen.

How To Get To Königs Wusterhausen

By Air

Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) is the closest airport at some 16.8 kilometres away. It is around a 16 minute ride by car but you can also get there using the S-Bahn railways or a bus.

By Train

The train station is 1.7 kilometres from the airport so you need to either walk or get a taxi. Then take a regional train from Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen to Königs Wusterhausen. The total journey time is only 35 minutes.

By Road

Drive from Berlin Schönefeld on the A117 and then take the A113 and A10 exiting at junction 10 for Königs Wusterhausen. Journey time is approximately 15 minutes. There is an alternative route using the L440 or the A113 then L40.

Other Things To See Near To Königs Wusterhausen

The Birthplace Of Radio

There is an exhibition in the Museum of Transmission and Radio Technology that shows over 100 years of history for German radio. Visitors can choose to take a guided tour and this demonstrates the history of radio and also shows the famous Christmas Concert in 1920, the first ever concert to be broadcast.

Water Sports At Königs Wusterhausen

The proximity of the town to so many bodies of water gives visitors the opportunity to indulge in some water sports. You can hire a canoe and explore the abundance of rivers and lakes. Boat and canoe rental is available at Königsboot. Or, you can take an organised and guided trip down the River Dahme where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery of the region.

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