Karlsruhe – Gateway To The Black Forest

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Karlsruhe – Gateway To The Black Forest

Karlsruhe – Gateway To The Black Forest

Karlsruhe The Fan City Of Germany

The design of the city of Karlsruhe has led to it being called Fan City. The name has stuck because the layout of the streets radiates out from the Karlsruhe Palace so from the air it looks like a fan. Also known as the gateway to the Black Forest, Karlsruhe has a lot to recommend it to the visitor, not least of which is the warm climate.

At the heart of the city is Karlsruhe Palace which was built in 1715. The 32 streets of the city spread out from the palace and are home to much culture, good cuisine and are close to nature.

Visitors Are Welcome At Karlsruhe

The atmosphere of this lively city is very cosmopolitan and visitors are always welcome. The market square displays a hustle and bustle and there are lots of beer gardens and cafes where you can take some refreshment whilst you wander around the shops and stalls.

Karlsruhe has the longest shopping street in the Baden area so shopping fans will be in heaven. The Ettlinger Tor Karlsruhe is a shopping centre that is situated south of the Kaiserstraße and here you will find endless bargains to take home.

The City Centre At Karlsruhe

This is the oldest part of the city and it owes its classical looks to the architect Friedrich Weinbrenner who was responsible for the moulding of this unique city. The market square holds the landmark of the city which is a seven metre high pyramid made of red sandstone.

You can also see the Lutheran Church and the Rathaus (town hall) as well as the church of St. Stephan, a stunning church which emanates history. There are also museums such as the Badisches Landesmuseum which shows state exhibits and the Naturkundemuseum which is for natural history enthusiasts. Karlsrugh is not called the culture city for nothing.

One final note about this lovely city. It was said to have inspired Thomas Jefferson to draw the layout and to ask the architect Pierre L’Enfant to build Washington along the same lines. So, the US has a lot to thank Karlsruhe for.

Getting To Karlsruhe City

By Air

Flying into Stuttgart airport is the simplest option. It just 78.2 kilometres from Karlsruhe. Then take either public transport by bus or train or drive onward to the city.

By Train

Take a train (S82500) from the airport terminal to the main station at Stuttgart then change for a train (intercity) to Karlsruhe. The journey time is 1 hour and 35 minutes.

By Road

From the airport terminal there is a direct bus to Karlsruhe and the journey time taken is just under 1 hour.

Alternatively, you can drive using the A8 motorway from Stuttgart directly to Karlsruhe. The city centre has numerous parking places.

Other Places To See Near Karlsruhe

Explore the Nature Parks

There are 2000 acres of gardens and public parks to be discovered near to Karlsruhr. Choose from the Zoological gardens, the Botanical gardens or the Palace gardens. These lovely spaces are the perfect place to relax.

Events In The Region

In July every year there is an open air festival that goes on for three days. Named Das Fest, this is one of the largest open air events in Germany and attracts many visitors each year. You can experience music shows, sports events and there is lots to enjoy for both children and adults.

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