Hohenzollern Bridge – A Lock For Lovers

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Hohenzollern Bridge

Hohenzollern Bridge – A Lock For Lovers

The Rhine Bridge With Lover’s Locks

Just as in Paris and many other major cities, Cologne has a wonderful railway bridge which is filled with lover’s locks. The railway runs across the bridge that straddles the Rhine and it has two pedestrian walkways, one on each side of the rail track.

The Hohenzollern Bridge was constructed between 1907 and 1911 and it is situated immediately in front of the main train station in Cologne. On the metal fence that separates the walkways from the track are hundreds of padlocks that have been placed there as lover’s locks.

The Lover’s Locks On Hohenzollern Bridge

Used as a symbol of commitment, it has now become a tradition for those who are in love to place a padlock that has been engraved with their initials or names on a public fence or a bridge. The tradition began in Italy and once the lock has been placed there and locked tight, the key is thrown away (usually into the river) so that it will always remain tightly locked.

This way of declaring eternal love and faithfulness has become so popular that many councils are now banning it, especially after a section of a bridge collapsed in Paris. However, in Cologne it is still fine to take part in this wonderful celebration of love even though now it is almost impossible for the passengers on the train to see the river.

A Railway System That Embraces Love

Although the number of locks on the bridge is not known, it has been estimated that there are perhaps around 25,000. The weight could exceed 2,000 kilograms but the Deutsches Bahn company which operates the German railways does not mind and there are no structural problems with this fantastic lover’s bridge.

Find Romance St The Hohenzollern Bridge

Cologne is a beautiful city and this is just one of the most romantic places to visit. You do not need to wait for Valentine’s Day to celebrate and declare your love, just pay a visit to the bridge and seal your affection with a lover’s lock. Then, in years to come you can return and look upon the object that shows the rest of the world your deep affection and commitment to your loved one.

Find A Hotel Near To The Hohenzollern Bridge

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Hyatt Regency Köln

The Hyatt Regency Köln is a five star establishment that is situated opposite the Cologne Cathedral. Only 300 metres from the Hohenzollern Bridge, the hotel has a free spa area with a large indoor pool and a fitness room. The rooms at the Hyatt Regency are just what you would expect from this prestigious chain of hotels. Stylish decor, plenty of space and all the amenities you need such as free Wi-Fi, a flat screen TV and coffee/tea making facilities.

This is a great choice for travellers who are exploring the city of Cologne and it is close to public transport so you can get around the city very easily.

Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne MGallery by Sofitel

There are lots of facilities at the Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne MGallery by Sofitel. This well known chain of hotels offers you stylish rooms with great views, air conditioning and a mini bar. Wi-Fi is free all over the hotel and you get free parking in the city centre.

The restaurant Reissdorf im Mondial serves up delicious local dishes and wonderful local beers. Spa facilities are extensive with a sauna, fitness room and a steam room. Just a few steps from the famous Cologne cathedral and only 400 metres from the bridge, this hotel is perfect for your stay in Cologne.

Cologne Marriott Hotel

A central Cologne hotel with a gym, air conditioned stylish rooms and free Wi-Fi throughout. The Cologne Marriott Hotel serves a full breakfast buffet every day and at night you can choose from Asian and French cuisine as well as local specialities.

With on site parking, friendly staff who speak English and a distance of just 500 metres from the Hohenzollern Bridge, it is hard to find fault with this superb accommodation.

Travelling To The Hohenzollern Bridge

By Air

Fly straight to Köln/Bonn airport from many regional airports in the UK. Then choose public transport like the S-Bahn or a regional train to take you to the city. You can also drive using the excellent motorway network in Germany.

By Train

Use Kennedystraße to walk to the Köln/Bonn Flughafen (airport terminal station) or take a cab. Then take an intercity or regional express to Köln Hbf (city main Station). It takes abut 40 minutes to reach the city.

By Road

Drive down Kennedystraße and take the A59 then A559 to the city. You can park at the main train station and you will be just 250 metres from the Hohenzollern Bridge. The journey is a mere 21 minutes.

Other Attractions Close To The Hohenzollern Bridge

An Amusement Park And A Museum

The Cologne Zoo is famous and is worth a visit when you are in the city. There are special tours on certain days so lookout for adverts. Tours are conducted during the day or the evening and the guide will help you to understand more about the animals that are being conserved at the zoo. you can even book the zoo for a place to hold your wedding.

The Chocolate Museum is close to the historic city centre and near to the Hohenzollern Bridge. There are some guided tours and you can book special trips where you learn how to make chocolate treats yourself. Tours for the less abled, children and for adults are all available at this sweet museum.

Cruising Down The River Rhine

A trip to Cologne should always include a cruise down the Rhine River. The harbour tour lasts for three hours and it gives you a panoramic view of this beautiful city. You can see the cathedral and will get a birds eye view of the many bridges including the Hohenzollern Bridge with all its lover’s locks.

Special trips are also available like the cruise on the Moby Dick which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a boat trip and to learn how to make sushi.

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