Görlitz – A City With History

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Görlitz, Germany

Görlitz – A City With History

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The easternmost town in Germany, Görlitz has many historical attractions and is one of the secret cities that are just becoming known to visitors to Germany. Situated on the Lusatian Neisse River in Saxony, it is directly opposite the Polish town Zgorzelec which sits on the other side of the water and which once belonged to the city.

The Inner City Of Görlitz

Görlitz was lucky in that it escaped the destructive forces that damaged so many towns during the war. The central part of the city has an array of architectural delights with Renaissance, Gothic and Art Nouveau featuring in the buildings. Many monuments that are next to the River Neisse have been restored and are eye opening in their splendour.

A Garden And Park City To Explore

As well as a wealth of architectural delights to explore and investigate, Görlitz has an amazing heritage as a park and garden city. The square has blooms that make the city very beautiful and it has completely lost the grey look that was dominant during the period before German reunification.

Pop Across The River To Poland

There are bridges across the river and a bus line that connect the city of Görlitz and the Polish town of Zgorzelec. The inhabitants of both places now get along very well and you can take a trip to see a different type of culture. The Brücke der Freundschaft is the bridge that connects the two towns and it is an interesting experience to see another way of life.

Görlitz – A City Of Culture

In 2006, Görlitz and Zgorzelec, styled as a twin town, applied to be the European City of Culture. The award went to Essen but when so many people campaigned for it to be changed, the twin town was eventually granted the award and as a result it has attracted many visitors from all over the world. None more so than visitors from Poland and this award helped to cement relations between the two cultures.

As well as historical buildings to discover you can see the locations where some famous movies were filmed. Scenes from Inglorious Bastards and the Book Thief were filmed in Görlitz and it was the primary location for the Grand Budapest Hotel. There is a lot to discover at Görlitz, an eastern town that is now firmly part of Europe.

Find A Hotel At Görlitz

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Romantik Hotel Tuchmacher

Just 290 metres from the centre of Görlitz is the Romantik Hotel Tuchmacher. This is an original Renaissance house that has been beautifully restored and it looks in keeping the historic buildings of the rest of the city. Rooms are all individually styled with exposed beams and antique furniture. However, there are all the modern amenities you could want including free Wi-Fi.

The hotel serves a delicious breakfast buffet in the Färber Stube lounge and this is included in the price of your stay. In the evening you can enjoy your meal in the courtyard where both regional and International cuisine in served. As well as free parking the hotel has a free fitness centre for guests.

Parkhotel Görlitz

Parkhotel is another city centre hotel in Görlitz. It is next to the main park and the Neiße River and is only a few minutes walk from the old town district. Rooms are spacious with satellite TV and a seating area plus free Wi-Fi.

Every day the Bistro is open between 6.00 pm and 9.30 pm for delicious French cuisine. The Number 15 Lobby Bar serves both snacks and drinks from early lunchtime onwards. Use the sauna and gym or go for a beauty treatment before taking a stroll to the town and seeing all the wonderful sights that Görlitz has to offer.


Bon-Apart is a traditional hotel that is located in the centre of the old historic town of Görlitz. There are twenty rooms that are situated in a row of old buildings which were constructed at the turn of the twentieth century.

There is an a la carte restaurant which serves local speciality dishes as well as International cuisine and if you have a pet you can bring it along with prior notice. Rooms are spacious and outside of the hotel is a seating area on the terrace. There is also free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and free public parking.

Travelling To Görlitz

By Air

The airport at Dresden is 101 kilometres from Görlitz. There are frequent flights from the UK and the journey from the terminal is around one hour away.

By Train

It is an 850 metre walk from the airport terminal to the station at Dresden Grenzstraße. Once there you get the S82500 train to Dresden-Klotzsche. The train runs every 30 minutes. Change to an hourly train for Görlitz and the station there is another 800 metres to the centre.

By Road

Leave Dresden airport and get onto the A13 to A4/Görlitz/Berlin. Follow the A4 to the B6 and take exit 94. Stay on B6 to Brautwiesenstraße your final destination in Görlitz.

Other Attractions Close To Görlitz

Special Events In Görlitz

Throughout the year there is a series of special events in the town and these include festival, concerts and theatre shows. The town also puts on comedy nights ad for sports fans there is the Lausitzer Seenland 100 Marathon in Hohenbocka.

A Zoo For The Children

The Tierpark Görlitz is very special. It is located at a farm and has many animals that are synonymous with the region. Children can pet the smaller animals and learn all about them and how they live. This is a small place but it is full of beauty.

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