Bräutigamseiche Eutin

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Bräutigamseiche Eutin

Bräutigamseiche Eutin

The Tree Of Love

Not many trees have been awarded their own postal address but the Bräutigamseiche at Eutin is one that has and that is for a very special reason. Long feted as a marriage broker, the Bräutigamseiche (groom oak tree) is said to be over 600 years old and has gained its reputation as a place to post love letters due to an old legend that resembles the story of Romeo and Juliet.

A Lovely Legend

Located in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, the legend surrounding the tree concerns the daughter of a forester who fell in love with a certain Wilhelm, son of a chocolate manufacturer. It is said that their secret love affair was undertaken by meetings at the tree and that they exchanged love letters by leaving them in a knot hole in the trunk.

After a year the forester father of Minna allowed them to marry and the ceremony was performed under the boughs of the oak tree. The happy ending to this love story meant that word was spread around and before long more love letters started to appear in the tree. In 1927, post began to be delivered to the tree from distant places and today there are as many as 50 letters arriving each day. The letters come from places as far off as Japan and Australia.

No Secrets

The letters that arrive at the Bräutigamseiche are not kept secret so if you decide to take a peek at one and write to the author you could find yourself falling in love. Some happy couples have been introduced to each other using the post to the Bräutigamseiche.


Couples who have been lucky enough to meet and get married through sending a letter to the Bräutigamseiche often come back to celebrate their wedding anniversary under this imposing tree which stands at 5 metres high. So, if you decide to write a letter to the tree you could find the love of your life.

You can send a letter to the tree at the unique address which is Bräutigamseiche, Dodauer Forst, 23701 Eutin, Germany. However, why not pay a personal visit to the tree and discover the many other beautiful sights that are in this part of Germany.

Where To Stay Near Bräutigamseiche Eutin

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Wyndham Garden Bad Malente Dieksee

The Wyndham Garden Bad Malente Dieksee is a four star hotel that is right in the heart of the Holsteinische Schweiz Nature Park. The breakfast terrace has stunning views over the Dieksee Lake and you can try both German and French dishes.

Elegantly furnished rooms with access to a pool and spa make this a top choice for visitors to the area. The hotel is only 3.09 kilometres from the Bräutigamseiche and is an ideal place to relax before you take a trip to the tree for lovers.

Hotel Weisser Hof

Four star luxury at the Hotel Weisser Hof gives you a view of the spacious grounds and the surrounding nature park. A complimentary morning breakfast buffet is served every day and in the evenings you can choose from a varied menu in the lovely restaurant.

A wellness centre is in the basement of the hotel where you can try a variety of treatments and relax in the sauna or steam bath. This hotel is 3.23 kilometres from the Bräutigamseiche.

Strauers Hotel am See

Situated directly on the banks of Lake Plon, Strauers Hotel am See has picturesque views over the lake and the countryside. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, elegant rooms and the windows stretch from floor to ceiling so that the whole hotel is bright and airy.

Both regional and International dishes are served in the restaurant and when the weather is good you can dine on the outside terrace. Just 8.84 kilometres from the Bräutigamseiche, the hotel is also near to a golf course and has free parking for guests.

How To Get To Bräutigamseiche Eutin

By Air

There are two airports to which you can fly to get to Bräutigamseiche Eutin. Lübeck airport is 45 kilometres away and Hamburg is 75 kilometres. The town of Eutin is easily reached by train or road.

By Train

From Lübeck airport take the train to the Lübeck Hbf and then change and catch the RB 21670 train to Kiel Hbf. This goes directly to Eutin and the journey takes 30 minutes.

By Road

Arriving at the airport, get on the motorway A1 which goes from Lübeck to Neustadt and then take the exit 15 along the B76 and continue on to Elizabethstafe in Eutin. The oak tree is well signposted along a forest path at the end of the B76.

Other Attractions Near To Bräutigamseiche Eutin

Take A Trip On A Boat

For over 100 years there have been boat trips along the Großer Eutiner See and from May until October you can enjoy a trip around the lake. The surrounding countryside and lake shores are a pleasure to see when you board your modern passenger ship that operates through the Eutiner Seerundfahrt company.

Do Some Sightseeing

The old town at Eutin has many beautiful buildings and it is surrounded by the lake and forests. Many timber framed homes are still dotted around the town and the Eutin castle has a fascinating museum. You can take part in a guided tour around the castle. Or, just wander around the town and enjoy the quiet atmosphere that is part of the charm of the Schleswig-Holstein.

A Unique Tree In Germany

There is no doubt that the Bräutigamseiche at Eutin is a unique tree and the legend that surrounds it has made it a special place for lovers and romantics to visit. The surrounding area in the Schleswig-Holstein also has much to offer the visitor who comes to see the tree of love.

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