Berlin Museum Island

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Berlin Museum Island

Berlin Museum Island

An Historical Centre In Berlin

The museum island in Berlin is a world renowned historical centre which holds five museums. It is in the middle of the River Spree which runs through the city and has a unique collection of artifacts from all over the world.

The first museum on the island was the Altes which was actually the first museum in Berlin and it houses ancient art sculptures and gold. Opened in 1830, over the next few years the four other museums were added until the island eventually became known as ‘Museum Island’

The Alte Nationalgalerie

This is one of the first of the museums on the island in the heart of Berlin and it is modelled on the Acropolis of Athens so the building itself is well worth seeing. This is the museum that houses classicist art mainly from the nineteenth century. You can also see Impressionists, Romantics and early Modern art. It is a pure treasury of artistic endeavour that encompasses many schools of art.

The Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum is the most popular of the five. It is currently being restored and another wing will be added by 2025. This has caused the hall that holds the Pergamon Altar to be closed but the other wings containing, amongst other things the Museum of Islamic Art art, are all still open.

The Bode Museum

This museum was built in between the years 1887 and 1904 and has already been refurbished. It houses sculptures, Byzantine art and an extensive collection of coins. Giving out breathtaking views of the river and the other shore which is popular as a meeting place for Berliners, the museum is on the north of the island.

Neues Museum

Built in 1841 using steam power that astonished the locals, the Neues Museum was the brainchild of Friedrich August Stüler. Although it was badly damaged in the war and remained as ruins for many years, the museum has been reconstructed and was reopened in 2009. It houses selected artifacts of the Egyptians including the Papyrus Collection and the Classical Antiquities Collection with a starring role for the bust of Nefertiti, the Egyptian Goddess.

The Museum island was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 1999. The island has extensive gardens where you can wander around and relax after seeing the spectacular exhibits held in the five museums.

Where To Stay In Berlin

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Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin

Sited next to the River Spree and just 370 metres from the Museum Island, the Radisson Blu Hotel is five star luxury with air conditioning in all rooms and flat screen TV’s for guests. The centrepiece of the hotel is a 25 metre high aquarium which is next to the spa pool.

Close enough to other attractions, the Radisson Blu has everything you could want for a comfortable stay when you visit the Berlin Museum island.

Eurostars Berlin

A stunning five star hotel in the heart of the Friedrichstraße shopping street, the Eurostars Berlin has soundproof rooms that are stylishly decorated and a modern gym, sauna and pool. Start the day with a full breakfast buffet and then enjoy an evening meal in the restaurant which serves International dishes.

Close to both the metro and the main train station, this hotel also has an underground parking garage for guests. English speaking staff will make you very welcome.

Hotel de Rome – Rocco Forte

Rocco Forte knows a lot about hotels and the Hotel de Rome will certainly be at the top of many people’s lists. Five star luxury with gourmet cuisine, a spa and pool and marble bathrooms are just some of the features that have made the Hotel de Rome a favourite place to stay when in Berlin.

You can enjoy an afternoon of tea and cakes at the Opera Court which has an original stucco ceiling or save yourself for drinks in the evening at the Bebel Bar or Velvet Room with stunning views of the Opera House and Bebelplatz.

How To Reach Berlin

By Air

Both Berlin airports are around a 20 minute drive from the Berlin Museum Island. Schönefeld (SXF) is situated south of the city and the road number A113 takes you to the city. Tegel airport (TXL) is to the north of the city and the road from there is the A100. Public transport from both airports is also available.

By Train

The train from Schönefeld airport is the Airport Express operated by Deutsche Bahn (RE7 or RE14) and the journey time is 20 minutes. Trains run regularly from the airport. The journey from Tegel airport also uses the Airport Express and these go directly to the Hauptbahnhof (Mitte) or Alexanderplatz which are both close to the Museum Island.

By Road

Both airports are easily accessible by road using the A113 and the A100. However, parking at the museum is always a problem and is exacerbated by the current construction. Some parking is available on Alexanderplatz or Hackescher Markt.

A bus line 100 from the Zoologischer Garten will take you to Lustgarten and from there it is a 10 minute walk. If you opt for the bus you can enjoy seeing some of the other sights in the wonderful city of Berlin.

Nearby Attractions To The Berlin Museum Island

Shopping And Markets

If you pay a visit to the Berlin Museum island at Christmas time you can enjoy a walk around the famous Christmas market on Alexanderplatz. Christmas foods and drink plus amusement rides for the children are always available at this time of the year.

Just 10 minutes from the Museum Islands is the Hakescher Markt, a famous area where there are small boutiques with designer clothes and gifts. Nearby there are some fine bars and restaurants where you can rest up after a shopping spree.

Seeing The Sights

Berlin has many beautiful buildings despite the damage that occurred during the last war. In addition to the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, the new synagogue on Oranienburger Straße is close to the Museum Island and it now houses a permanent exhibition of contemporary arts and Jewish history.

A Boon For Lovers Of History

The five museums that are situated on Museum island have a host of antiquities and exhibits from many parts of the world. In addition to the exhibits, the actual buildings are also something to behold so lovers of history will find this a wonderful place to visit. Berlin also has many fine new buildings so you can enjoy both old and new culture when you visit the Museum island.

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