Medieval Castles

A world of wonder just waiting to be discovered. Step back in time for a day and visit some of the world’s most amazing medieval castles. There are fascinating attractions from every period and style to discover in all of Germany’s federal states and in every region. Experience a world beyond your imagination – like a fairytale brought to life.

Are you ready to discover?

Go beyond travel, venture off the beaten path and experience hidden, unique and special places in Germany.

Auerbach Castle

Auerbach Castle – An Enchanting Destination Germany is full of wonderful architecture and one of the finest examples is Auerbach Castle which is situated near the town of Bensheim. This castle was an original fort and is now a listed building which is surrounded by a large forest. Although in parts the castle is a […]


An old Hanseatic City in the Sauerland The German word for southern is sauerland and this is where the town of Attendorn can be found. With a history that stretches back to the Middle Ages, this enchanting town has many historic buildings built with timber frames. Visit The Buildings In Attendorn There are so many […]

Aschersleben – The Oldest City In Saxon-Anhalt

A Historical Centre With Wonderful Architecture Established around 753 AD, the city of Aschersleben has plenty of architectural delights and it is the oldest recorded city in Saxony-Anhalt. If you love wandering around old buildings, soaking up atmosphere and enjoy seeing many different styles of architecture then Aschersleben is the place to visit. A Medieval […]

Anholt Castle – Rare Collections Of Art And History

Anholt Castle – A Moated Castle In Isselburg Dating from the 12th century the Anholt Castle is owned privately and it contains some very rare exhibits of art and history. After reconstruction in 1945, the castle now contains a museum and one of the largest collections of historical art in the country. Paintings And Porcelain […]

Altena Castle – The World’s First Hostel

A Historical Attraction Travelling around and staying at different hostels is an inexpensive way to see a country and the Altena Castle which was the first ever permanent hostel still accepts guests today. The castle was opened to visitors in 1914 and received some renovation in 1944 although parts of the lower gate and forecastle […]

Ahrensburg Castle

An Architectural Wonder The town of Ahrensburg dates back to the 13th century and is notable for the beautiful Ahrensburg Castle built around 1580 during the Renaissance period. This stunning castle has now become a symbol of the town and there are lots of activities for visitors to enjoy. Known as a water castle, the […]

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