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Lakes, Rivers and Coastlines Germany has it all. take a breathtaking boat trip and explore nature like never before. kayaking, party boat, self driving boats and so much more.

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Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park

Islands In The Elbe River The Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park is made up of of three islands that are at the mouth of the River Elbe and the mud flats that surround them. The park is situated 13 kilometres from Cuxhaven and around a 100 kilometres from Hamburg. Nevertheless, the islands and park belong […]

Großkrotzenburger See

A Lake With A Beach Situated just to the east of Frankfurt am Main, the Großkrotzenburg lake is huge and is open for swimmers only. So, you can go to the lake and sunbathe or swim without any fear of interruptions by noisy water sports enthusiasts. The beach (Strandbad Spessartblick) is 300 metres long and […]

Franconian Lake Region

The Lake District Of Germany A Centre For Water Sports When the German government undertook a water management project in North Bavaria, it created the Franconian Lake Region which is now a major tourist attraction. There are seven lakes and the area is a centre for water sports of all kinds. The whole expanse of […]


A Seaport With Something Special The dominant aspect about Emden that is constantly remarked upon by visitors is that it looks like Holland. There are so many canals, dykes, windmills and beautiful coastal landscapes that you could imagine that you have stepped off the plane into the wrong part of the world. However, Emden really […]


Chiemsee – The Bavarian Sea Often called the ‘Bavarian Sea’, Chiemsee is the third largest lake in Germany. Two rivers flow into the lake, the Tiroler Aachen and the Prien, and the River Alz flows out at the Northern end of the lake. Renowned for its recreational facilities which feature sports such as sailing, rowing […]


Bremen Is A City With Many Faces The city of Bremen has a long history and is full of delights for the visitor. With over 1,200 years of architecture that spans the Baroque and Renaissance periods and goes right up to the present day, Bremen is a truly beautiful old German city. The Bremen Roland […]


Bostalsee – The Largest Lake In Saarland Created in 1979, the Bostalsee is actually a reservoir that was formed when a dam was built on the River Bos. As an area to visit for recreation it is unmatched in this region of Germany. The surface area of the lake stretches to 120 hectares and at […]

Borkum, The Pearl of the North Sea

Borkum – Pearl of the North Sea Did you know that Germany has islands? Borkum is known as the Pearl of the North Sea and is the largest of the East Frisian Islands off the coast of Lower Saxony. When you disembark at the historic port you can take an island train that is the […]

Bodensee Lake Constance

The Largest Lake In Germany Bodensee Lake Constance is the largest lake in Germany with parts of it meandering into Austria and Switzerland. There is a wealth of activities for you to enjoy around this beautiful lake that is so popular but which has so much space around that it never feels crowded. A Summer […]

Baldeneysee Essen

A Beautiful Lake In Germany Germany is full of beautiful lakes and the Baldeneysee Essen is a fabulous location that has forests all around the shoreline. You can visit the lake in both the winter and the summer and there are lots of trips by ship or boat and also water sports for those who […]

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