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Some 2000 years of history have left lasting traces in Germany – silent yet eloquent witnesses to mankind’s achievements and the wonders of nature. They range from historical buildings and cathedrals of industry to exceptional natural landscapes and even whole towns.

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Königs Wusterhausen – The Multifaceted Town

Königs Wusterhausen – An Historical Town Just to the south east of Berlin lies the town Königs Wusterhausen. This is a splendid town with much to offer visitors and it is close to the Dahme River. Set in a landscape of meadows which are interspersed with lakes, rivers and forests, anyone who loves nature will […]

Kehlsteinhaus – The Eagle’s Nest

The Kehlsteinhaus – A Retreat Above Berchtesgaden This beautiful house was given by the Nazi party to Hitler for his 50th birthday. It was meant to be a place where he could entertain dignitaries and was designed to be a retreat from the world. The building took only 13 months to complete and was finished […]

Karlsruhe – Gateway To The Black Forest

Karlsruhe The Fan City Of Germany The design of the city of Karlsruhe has led to it being called Fan City. The name has stuck because the layout of the streets radiates out from the Karlsruhe Palace so from the air it looks like a fan. Also known as the gateway to the Black Forest, […]

Kaiserdom in Speyer

The Wonderful Speyer Cathedral The Speyer Cathedral is dedicated to St. Mary who is the patron saint of the city and it was constructed in the thirty years before 1061 when it was consecrated. It is the largest surviving Romanesque church in the world and has a long and fascinating history. Surviving periods of both […]

Hohenzollern Bridge – A Lock For Lovers

The Rhine Bridge With Lover’s Locks Just as in Paris and many other major cities, Cologne has a wonderful railway bridge which is filled with lover’s locks. The railway runs across the bridge that straddles the Rhine and it has two pedestrian walkways, one on each side of the rail track. The Hohenzollern Bridge was […]

Hamelin – The City Of The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper Town – Hamelin Hamelin is a well known town that was made famous by the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm. It is situated on the River Weser in Lower Saxony and its roots stretch back to 851 AD. The legend of the Pied Piper is said to be based on a […]

Görlitz – A City With History

Experience Görlitz And Discover Something New The easternmost town in Germany, Görlitz has many historical attractions and is one of the secret cities that are just becoming known to visitors to Germany. Situated on the Lusatian Neisse River in Saxony, it is directly opposite the Polish town Zgorzelec which sits on the other side of […]

Fürstenwalde – A Secret Ancient City

Discover Fürstenwalde – An Important City In Brandenburg One of the lesser known cities of Germany is Fürstenwalde. It is the largest city in Oder-Spree in the Brandenburg region. Founded in the 13th century, this city was a very important hub between Poland and Berlin. Titled as a cathedral city, Fürstenwalde is one of three […]

Dietfurt an der Altmühl

The Bavarian China Dietfurt is a little German town that has earned the nickname ‘Bavarian China’ because at carnival time it celebrates the Asian culture. The town is on the River Altmühl and there is a lot to do there in an area that is comprised of beautiful hills and seven pretty valleys. The hills […]

Dessau Roßlau

A Mecca For Modern Architecture Dessau-Roßlau is a city in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt at a point where the rivers Elbe and Mulde join together. The city itself was created in 2007 and half of it (Dessau) is on the left bank of the Mulde whilst the other part (Roßlau) is on the right […]

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