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Lake Ammersee – One Of The Largest Lakes In Bavaria

A Holiday At Lake Ammersee A holiday at Lake Ammersee is very popular. It is one of the largest lakes in Bavaria and has much to offer visitors. There is an abundance of nature, many water sports and also some Bavarian culture with speciality dishes in the restaurants. With an elevation of 533 metres above […]

Hamburg Dungeon – A Journey Through History

Explore The Hamburg Dungeon Situated in the warehouse district in the fantastic city of Hamburg is the Hamburg Dungeon, an exhibition that combines horror, shows and scary rides. This is the perfect place to go to learn about some of the history of Hamburg that stretches back some 600 years. If you are visiting the […]

Gondwana – See How The Dinosaurs Lived

Gondwana – A Prehistoric Theme World A trip to Gondwana is essential if you and your children want to learn about dinosaurs. Situated at Schiffweiler near to Saarbrücken and on the borders of France and Luxembourg, Gondwana is a delight for people of all ages. Taking you through a historical journey of the ages in […]

German Mining Museum Bochum

The Largest Mining Museum – Bochum Although you may not think of it as a cultural experience, the German Mining Museum at Bochum is actually one of the most visited museums in the country. It give an extensive insight into the world of mining for mineral resources and shows you the mining process from prehistory […]

Hiking Trail Ehrbachklamm

Walking Through The Ehrbachklamm Gorge The natural beauty and amazing views experienced when you take a hike through the Ehrbachklamm Gorge are reward enough for the energy that it takes. This is a hike that goes for approximately 16 kilometres so it is very doable even for younger members of the family. Starting the walk […]

Hiking trail Briloner Kammweg

Hiking In Germany – The Challenging Briloner Kammweg Certified as a quality hiking trail, the Brilon Ridge Trail in Sauerland covers a circular route that is 50 kilometres long. It begins in Brilon, a town where there are some beautiful half timbered houses and a lovely town hall with a Gothic facade. Brilon is a […]

Kühlungsborn – The Biggest Baltic Sea Resort

Take A Holiday At Kühlungsborn On The Baltic Sea Situated on the Baltic coastline, the town of Kühlungsborn is a great place to take a holiday. It has a long beach and promenade and is full of different kinds of activities to suit both the young and older people. The hotels in the town have […]

Garden Of Butterflies Friedrichsruh

Colourful Butterflies In A Beautiful Setting At Friedrichsruh This is Germany’s oldest butterfly garden and it is owned by the von Bismark family. The Garten der Schmetterlinge is open from the middle of March until the end of October and it is a great way to spend a day with your family. The garden was […]

FunDolino Speyer

An Indoor Playground – The FunDolino Speyer When you want your kids to have some physical exercise combined with fun, a tablet or smartphone doesn’t do the trick. Take a trip to FunDolino Speyer, the indoor playground that promotes fun and play in both winter and during the summer months. Your children will love the […]

Hiking trail Bergmolchwanderweg

The Alpine Hiking Trail At Bergmolchwanderweg Hiking in the Alps is always delight and Bergmolchwanderweg, which was named after an Alpine newt, is a path that lasts for 11 kilometres and it loops around the Burg Rabenstein (Rabenstein Castle). Located in Brandenburg, the trail is fully marked by signs which depict an Alpine newt in […]

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